How To Use Ammonia To Clean Clothes

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Use Ammonia To Clean Clothes

Stains on clothes are tough to get rid of. Dirty clothes mar your entire appearance, and you look unclean and mismanaged. Ammonia is a multipurpose additive you can use in your cleaning routines, including your laundry. It is found to be highly effective in dissolving grease, removing stains, softening fabrics and whitening whites. It can be a real friend to your clothes, as it improves their appearance and texture without compromising with their health. There are many ways to use ammonia to address different issues with clothes. Here at, let’s talk about how to use ammonia to clean clothes.

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To remove stains

Certain kinds of stains can quickly disappear if you use ammonia to clean clothes:

  • Combine equal amounts of water, laundry detergent and ammonia in a spray bottle, and mix well. Spray this solution on ink stains, food spills, grass stains and other such marks, let it sit for 30 minutes, and then rinse out.
  • Another way is to combine 2 cups water, ½ ounce ammonia and 1 ounce detergent, and apply on the stains. Best results can be achieved only if you use distilled water for making an ammonia solution.
  • Urine, grass and blood stains can be effectively tackled with a mixture of equal amounts of water and ammonia. Apply this solution on the stains with a sponge or soft cloth, let it sit for 30 minutes, and then launder as usual.
  • To remove perspiration stains, apply undiluted ammonia directly over the stains with a soft cloth. If it is a spandex fabric, as in jeans, cotton blended shirt or workout gear, dilute water with equal amount of ammonia.
How To Use Ammonia To Clean Clothes - To remove stains

To whiten whites

Adding one cup of ammonia in your wash cycle can be the best way to whiten and brighten your white clothes without causing any harm to the fibers. It also won’t change color of your clothes like chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach. There are also several home remedies you can learn in our article how to naturally whiten clothes without bleach

How To Use Ammonia To Clean Clothes - To whiten whites

To soften fabrics

Certain clothes, especially towels can become hard with time and usage. Over time, hard water residue and minerals tend to cling on your towels, causing the piles to stick together. Ammonia is effective in dissolving these deposits and releasing any stuck-together pieces of fibers on the towel, thus making it softer than before. If your towel is not absorbing water anymore, it means that wax has built up on it. Adding ammonia to the wash cycle will dissolve the wax and refresh the absorbency level of the towel.

For a natural alternative, you can try using lemon to clean clothes.

How To Use Ammonia To Clean Clothes - To soften fabrics

To tackle grease

If oil spilled on your jeans or your splattered grease on your favorite shirt, ammonia may come to the rescue. Dab the stain with ammonia and grease-fighting dish detergent in equal amounts, and wash with 1 cup ammonia and your usual washing detergent. Make sure that the dish detergent you use does not contain bleach, as it may cause serious damage to the fabric and color of your clothes. When combined, chlorine and ammonia can produce toxic gases. You may run an additional rinsing cycle to make sure that all the ammonia and soap suds have rinsed out of your fabric. If you need more information on the subject you can read our article on How To Remove Oil Stains From Clothing.

How To Use Ammonia To Clean Clothes - To tackle grease

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How To Use Ammonia To Clean Clothes
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How To Use Ammonia To Clean Clothes

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