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How to get Rid of Nail Polish Stains on Clothes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to get Rid of Nail Polish Stains on Clothes

It has happened to many of us: we've been painting our nails and we've accidentally touched our clothes, and thus staining them with nail polish. Maybe we've accidentally spilled the nail polish container and stained our trousers, which have now got a horrible stain. But fear not, although the stain may look shocking, there are some useful tricks to get rid of them and make your clothes look like they're brand new. If you want to get rid of nail polish on clothes, this article will show you how.

Steps to follow:


The most common way of getting rid of nail polish on clothes is acetone. First, if the stain is recent, try to get rid of excess polish with a towel. If it's already dry, use a spatula or knife to take off as much excess polish as possible. Dampen cloth or cotton wool with acetone and clean a small area that is not visible to make sure the acetone doesn't damage your clothes. If everything's OK, place a cloth under the stain and with the acetone cloth, softly rub on the stain until it disappears. Afterwards, clean the clothes as usual. This trick is very useful for cotton and linen clothes.


If acetone isn't enough and the nail polish stain still remains, use insect repellent spray, any you may have at home. Rub the stain or take the ecxess polish with a towel, and apply the product on the stain. Leave it for 3 minutes and softly rub with a toothbrush making circular movements. After, wash the whole clothes item with tepid water. If it the stain persists, repeat the process until it has disappeared.


If you try acetone in a non-visible place and it loses colour or the fabric is visibly damaged, we'll try removing the stain with talcum powder. Sprinkle the nail polish stain with talcum and leave it there for some hours to let it work. You can try this trick right before going to bed and leave the talcum during night. After some time, rub the stain with a toothbrush making circular movements. Then wash the clothes item as usual.


For nail polish stains on silk or woollen clothes, do not use the previous tricks as they can damage your clothes. Carefully rub the excess polish or absorb it with a towel if the stain is recent. Then, place a cloth under the clothes, so the stain is facing upwards. Get a bit of cotton wool, dampen it with ether and softly rub on the stain. If there are still bits, dampen a cloth with 90º alcohol and rub the stain. After that, put the clothes item in tepid water, special soap for this kind of clothing and a spoonful of ammonia for each litre of water.


Try out these methods to get rid of nail polish stains on clothes and forget about them!

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  • Before applying any of these methods on a stain, always try it on a less visible area to make sure it won't damage your clothes. Do not continue if it does any harm.
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How to get Rid of Nail Polish Stains on Clothes