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How to Care for a Lotus Flower

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Care for a Lotus Flower

Do you recognize it? It is the traditional flower found on Japanese ponds. In fact, the lotus flower is native to Asia, where it grows in swamps, lakes, ponds and lagoons. A spring aquatic flower you can enjoy until the last days of summer. Do you want to decorate your home with some of the most elegant and special flowers provided by Mother Nature? If you need help on how to care for these beautiful flowers, pay attention to the tips provided in this article. Here at OneHowTo, we'll explain how to care for a lotus flower.

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Steps to follow:


The lotus flower is aquatic, as well as a flower for spring and summer. Therefore, in order to take care of a lotus plant, you must take the weather into account: it is moderately resistant to low temperatures. This means that it grows a lot in summer and dries up during the winter months. Another factor to keep in mind is pest infestation - lotus flowers tend to be attacked by snails.


So now that we have gone over all of these details, the time has come to plant a lotus flower. The first step is to scar the seeds. File down the pointed tip of the seeds using an ordinary metal file.


To grow lotus flowers place the seeds in a glass of warm water without chlorine. Change this water every day until the seeds germinate. Don't forget! If you've done this well, after the first day in water, your seeds will have grown almost twice their original size. Also remember to change the water, even after your seeds have germinated.

How to Care for a Lotus Flower - Step 3

When your lotus flower is about 15 centimeters long you should move it to another container. The process is much easier than you think. Choose a suitable container with a capacity of about 18 liters, where your plant has enough space to grow. Another important tip for growing lotus flowers is to use a black bucket to retain heat.


Fill your container with dense soil, about 15 centimeters deep. Gently press the seeds and cover with a light layer of soil. Finally, place your pot in r your pot in a pool of shallow water of about 45 centimeters and at a temperature of about 21º C (69.8ºF) . These are the perfect conditions for growing lotus flowers.

Make sure you cut off any yellow leaves that may appear during autumn so that the plant survives the winter.


If you want them to grow outdoors in a pond, make sure that your pond is under your local area's freeze line so they can survive winter and avoid them freezing.

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  • If the seeds float, they are infertile. So, if they don't swell like the others, dispose of them to prevent them from affecting the water and damaging the other seeds.
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How to Care for a Lotus Flower