How To Clean A White Handbag

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Clean A White Handbag

Your favorite white handbag is stained and you are devastated. What can you do? We at OneHowTo love the color white as it goes with practically everything in your wardrobe. However, we also realize that it can easily become dirty and that removing stains is no mean feat. Luckily, we know some effective ways of transforming a stained bag from dull to brilliant white. To find out more, keep reading the following article: how to clean a white handbag. Follow these guidelines to transform your bag so it looks just like new!

You'll need:
  • Clean cloths
  • Towel
  • Bleach
  • Alcohol-free face wipes
  • Make-up remover cream
  • Gloves
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Steps to follow:

Get ready to give your white handbag a thorough clean. First, empty it completely, close all zips so that none of the bleach solution leaks inside you bag.


Next, place the handbag on a towel to protect the surface you use to clean your bag and, also wear safety gloves to protect your hands. Then, mix a third of a cup of bleach with a glass of hot water.

How To Clean A White Handbag - Step 2

Dip a cloth into the solution, squeeze the cloth a bit before using it to dab the stains on your handbag. This should effectively remove all traces of stains.

This bleach solution is ideally suited for cleaning leather handbags with no finishes. If your bag is treated, we suggest using warm mild liquid soap and dabbing with a cloth instead.


To finish cleaning your white handbag, grab a clean, dry cloth to dry it well, pressing on the material, if needed.

After drying, use a water or air-based leather protector and so your handbag goes back to its original appearance.


If your handbag is anything less than spotless, we suggest using some alcohol-free face wipes or even some make-up remover cream. If you choose to use the make-up remover, simply apply to the stained area and leave it to sink in. Then, rub it and spread it out without removing the cream.


Have you accidentally stained your handbag with ink? In this case, the best solution is to apply nail polish remover with a cotton swab or similar on the affected area.

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  • Before using any product on your bag, test on a small patch, out of sight.
  • If you are afraid of damaging your handbag, another solution is to take it to a dry cleaner's or specialist for a professional result.
  • When using bleach, make sure you always protect your hands with gloves, as this substance is highly corrosive.

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How To Clean A White Handbag
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How To Clean A White Handbag

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