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How To Decorate A Courtyard

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Decorate A Courtyard

Do you have an inner courtyard and want to make the most of it? Flowers, furniture, lighting, etc.: The decor consists of different details that, along with providing aesthetic value, should manage to create a very comfortable and stimulating atmosphere. In short, a home to enjoy moments of unique happiness and good company. If you need help doing this, do not miss these tips from OneHowTo on how to decorate a courtyard. It's easy, cheap and fun!

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  1. The style of the decor
  2. Colours
  3. Textiles
  4. Furniture and other objects
  5. Plants and flowers
  6. Lighting

The style of the decor

Before you start painting and shopping, there is one aspect that you should consider: the style of the decor. To decorate a courtyard, you need to think about what style you want to use, ie, minimalist, rustic, romantic, vintage, chill out, Moorish-inspired courtyard, etc.

How To Decorate A Courtyard - The style of the decor


Once you have the style, you need to think about the colors you want to use to paint your interior courtyard. In this sense, we must take the size and shape of the courtyard into account to take advantage of each and every corner of it. If your space is small, our advice is to use light colors that will make it bright and airy. Dark colors and prints just get too flashy and make your yard appear smaller than it really is.


In addition to colors and patterns, you also need to consider textiles. These are great for decorating courtyards and using outside and in any other corner of the house. A good idea to decorate with textiles can be to use a patchwork technique that lets you customize your designs. Just sew pieces of old fabric together for a single, highly creative design that you can use as a carpet or tablecloth for the patio table.

Furniture and other objects

Now we need to talk about furniture and materials for the floor and walls. As you're decorating an interior courtyard and not an area that is exposed to weather changes, you can use any material. Wood for its elegance and versatility, adding a rustic touch; rattan for country décor; marble and stone walls for a classic look. While choosing patio furniture, you should consider the size and shape of your room to distribute the furniture in the best way you can. Use ergonomic, functional objects with wheels to move them easily, or convertible or folding furniture.

How To Decorate A Courtyard - Furniture and other objects

Plants and flowers

A very important detail for courtyard decoration are the complements. And an element that should not be missing in your yard is flowers and plants. If you do not have time to take care of them, get artificial plants, but do not leave them out. And if you have enough space and a very large budget, you can install a fountain. Pure elegance!

If you need ideas as to what to plant, take a look at our article on the best outdoor plants for partial sun.

How To Decorate A Courtyard - Plants and flowers


To decorate your courtyard don't forget about the lighting, which will determine the success or failure of your environment. Use candles to get some privacy, or lanterns for a very elegant touch. Take a look at how to make outdoor hanging lanterns if you have a small budget and would like original lighting features.

The important thing is that the light is evenly distributed to avoid shadows and unlit areas. Your light also should not disturb other tenants. What other advice do you have for us to decorate a courtyard?

How To Decorate A Courtyard - Lighting

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How To Decorate A Courtyard