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How to Decorate a Wall with Recycled Material

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 25, 2021
How to Decorate a Wall with Recycled Material

If you want to give a special touch to the walls of your home, you don't need to shell out a ton of cash. What you need is a little creativity, inspiration, used objects and some time. We all have stuff around the house that we don't use and that we've even considered throwing out. If you want to transform the decor in your home, recycle these materials. In this OneHowTo article we will explain how to decorate a wall with recycled material.

  1. Old tennis rackets and mirrors
  2. Photo frames
  3. Vases with glass bottles
  4. Vinyl records
  5. Old doors

Old tennis rackets and mirrors

A nice vintage way of decorating a wall is to use some old rackets. If you have any rackets around the house that you no longer use, you could clean them up, give them a coat of varnish, remove the strings and replace them with mirrors. The most complex part of this task is to measure the hole so that the mirrors fit perfectly. Breathe new life into an old, long-forgotten object and create a fabulously vintage wall mirror for the hall or bedroom.

How to Decorate a Wall with Recycled Material - Old tennis rackets and mirrors

Photo frames

Do you have a lot of photo frames at home that you do not use? These are a common gift and might not always match your personal tastes enough to be used to exhibit personal photos. Have you though about using them to decorate a wall instead? Take each frame, remove the inside, remove the glass from the front (if it has some) and create a nice creative space on the wall, playing with colours and shapes. You can remove the backs, put some eye-catching pictures in the centre and even write some inspirational quotes inside. Try combining frames of different styles, shapes and colours to create a mosaic on your wall. It will make your home look more eclectic.

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How to Decorate a Wall with Recycled Material - Photo frames

Vases with glass bottles

How about using glass bottles as vases and then hang them on the wall? Using recycled glass bottles to decorate your house it's a simple, elegant trick which will add a touch of refinement to any room. You need just a few empty bottles which you should hang on the wall, in a straight or diagonal line across the wall. Once they are secured, choose some artificial flowers that you like and place one in each of the containers.

How to Decorate a Wall with Recycled Material - Vases with glass bottles

Vinyl records

Do you have vinyl records in the house that you no longer listen to? We offer a fun solution. First, remove all dust and paint black if some areas are discoloured. Once it dries, you can create an interesting design on the wall, positioning them in an appealing and creative manner. You can also cut vinyl and create some shapes with them to create a mural of natural forms that contrast with the artificial material. You could get creative and create something like the butterflies shown in the picture, which are created with vinyl disks and displayed on a white wall.

How to Decorate a Wall with Recycled Material - Vinyl records

Old doors

Another way of decorating a wall with recycled material is to use an old door. If you have one, do not throw it away! You can transform it into an excellent decorative object. The first thing to do is to clean and sand it. Next, paint it in the colour of your choosing and do not varnish it. It is more beautiful like this, keeping the style rustic and simple. Then, hang to the wall as you like. You can hang it to the wall vertically and use it as an interesting piece at the entrance of the home, attaching hooks to it to hang coats or keys. Alternatively, you could hang it horizontally and use it as a giant photo frame. If you do not like the idea of displaying photos, you can simply paint some letters, words or paintings.

How to Decorate a Wall with Recycled Material - Old doors

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How to Decorate a Wall with Recycled Material