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How to Decorate Your House for Free

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Decorate Your House for Free
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There are many reasons why you might want to decorate your house for free. Maybe you just bought or rented a house, spent tons of money and you now want to save on decoration, or maybe you want a restyling of your flat and don't want to spend a fortune. Whatever the reason, everybody should follow the tips we offer you in this article because it is not only possible to decorate your house for free, but it is easy to do it. So why not try it?

Today, on OneHowTo we are going to offer you amazing free house decoration tips that will make your home look like it has been decorated by an interior designer. So, read on as we tell you how to decorate your house for free.

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Steps to follow:


How to decorate your house for free step 1: clean up, tidy up, re organize

Go through all of your stuff. Check your wardrobes, under your bed, go through books, your children's toys etc. and put aside anything that you are not using. Do not throw anything away, not yet. Just put everything aside.

Getting rid of old stuff, cleaning any mess and tidying up is the first step of decorating your house for free for three reasons:

  1. you will need things you don't use anymore to decorate your house for free
  2. a messy looking home with lots of accumulated stuff is not aesthetically pleasant
  3. you will need space to place your new free decoration items

How to decorate your house for free step 2: draw a plan of your house

Draw a plan of your house including measurements, doors, windows, furniture you want to keep etc. and carry it with you in your bag. It will be useful because in order to decorate your house for free you need to catch any deal you find randomly while walking, so you need to be aware of your house measurements at all times.


How to decorate your house for free step 3: change attitude

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Yes, it is true. Finding "free treasures" depends entirely on your attitude. You need to change your attitude towards what you consider trash in order to decorate your house for free. Most of the amazing stuff you find in antique and vintage shops are actually someone else’s trash. Just think about the industrial style decoration trend, everything comes from waste.

We told you earlier to put anything you don't use anymore aside in order to decorate your house for free. Now, go through your trash and try to see what other use you can give to your old stuff. Here is a list of free decoration tips you can realize by using your old stuff. Take inspiration!

  • Decorate old keys and attach them to a decorated metal hunger on the wall. It gives a nice vintage look, especially if the keys are big, metal and heavy
  • Group all of your old t-shirts together and combine them to make fun pillow cases. Remember that lots of pillows are key to a free decorated house because they create atmosphere and are cheap to make.
  • Use an old blanket or duvet cover as a new free sofa cover. All you need to do is sew an elastic at the edges of the cover so that it remains tight around the sofa.
  • Use old Christmas lights to decorate your garden for free. You will see what an atmosphere they create at night
  • Dress up a dummy (you can ask a shop to give you a half body they don't use anymore) with your old hat, sunglasses, scarf etc.. You can place the dummy in your free decorated room for an ironic touch
  • Hang an old big scarf, a nice bed sheet, or beach sarong on the wall behind the bed. It will give the room a nice decorative touch
  • Have you ever noticed that calendars often have nice pictures? Frame a picture from an old calendar and hand it on the wall. If you have art calendars, they will look amazing!
  • Do the same with any nice picture you find on old magazines
  • Grow small plants in your old teapots, especially if, like most of us, you have too many teapots and they don't fit in your kitchen
  • Use nice decorative patterns you found in your old newspapers and magazines to create some kind of wall design. Cut, re-shape, get creative with the material you already have if you want to decorate your house for free
  • Do you know that famous bags brand that makes expensive bags with maps patterns? Do the same, for free! Collect your maps and use them as decorative paper for old furniture, as if it was wall paper. You can also frame your favourite maps and hang them on the wall
  • Stuff all of your old magazines together, put a pillow on top, and tie everything with two belts. Et voilà! You got a nice free seat. You just need to put an anti-slippery surface underneath
  • Use an old scarf as a table liner to decorate your table
  • Use fabric from old clothes to make a fabric garland. Just cut them in strips and tie them to a jute cable you will hang on the ceiling

After you went through all of your staff and made the best use of it, you can try to exchange your unwanted old staff with friends or on staff exchange websites and apps (freecycle and craiglist to name two). Swapping a few chairs is a great idea! This way, you will get more free items to continue your project of decorating your house for free.

Changing your attitude to decorate your house for free also means being much more pro-active. Anything interesting you see on the street, take it, give it a new life. Creating a nice environment for free is easier than you think if you learn to be a good scavenger!

An excellent idea to decorate your house for free is to make a pallet sofa with and Arab twist. We explain how to do it in our article on how to decorate Moroccan style.

How to Decorate Your House for Free - Step 3
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How to decorate your house for free step 5: re-style

Your house already has a lot of potential, you just need to restyle it, and it will look like you have decorated it. Here are a few restyling tips that will allow you to decorate your house for free.

  • Decorate your glass jars and use them as...anything! A vase, a chandelier, you can even make a lamp. A nice idea is to fill them with nice, painted stones and use them as a decorative item. This is an amazing tip for decorating your house for free
  • Pick flowers whenever you can and place them in your decorated glass jars. Flowers are amazing to decorate your house for free
  • Hide anything that is ugly by creating extra space for storage: create an extra shelf in your closet, decorate shoe boxes and stuff them with things you don't want to put on display
  • Use your best linen on your table to cover an old, or ugly table
  • Put nice staff on display in your free decorated room. For example, nice hats, scarves, and especially jewellery. Create a framed panel on the wall with some jute fabric on the back and hang your jewellery there. By putting your jewellery on display, you will not only decorate your house for free, but you will wear you earrings more often as well!
  • A nice way to put your jewellery on display is by making a jewellery stand with plastic bottles: cut the bottom of a plastic bottle in the shape of a flower, paint it and make a hole in the centre so that you can pass a metal skewer into it. Place 3 plastic flowers in every metal skewer and then place your earrings in the flowers
  • Another great idea to decorate your house for free is to paint old wine bottles and place your bracelets around them. You will see that most of the free decoration tips are also extremely eco-friendly
  • The keyword of free decoration is pillow! Use as many as you can, they immediately give a homely touch to the house.
  • Re-decorate furniture you already have: paint, cut etc.
  • Create a mini bar on the living room table. It is chic!
  • Have a jungle! Plants immediately give a nice homely touch to a house
  • Print out Instagram photos or a favourite quote and frame them
  • Spray fruit baskets with colors and put nice fruit on display
  • Place a beautiful book on a low table
How to Decorate Your House for Free - Step 4
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Let us know if you have more free house decoration tips!

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How to Decorate Your House for Free