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All the Benefits of a Glass House

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 16, 2017
All the Benefits of a Glass House

When you are looking for a new home one of the first requisites on your list may read big windows in order to let in warming natural sunlight. Glass houses have very minimalist concrete walls since most of the stabilizing framing is made of glass. This helps to create a beautiful natural-illuminated space. Glass houses may sound highly sophisticated or exclusive but the fact is that there are many benefits of owning a glass house.

In this OneHowTo article we share all the benefits of a glass house.

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  1. Less electricity and heating costs
  2. Aesthetic advantage
  3. Resistant and environmentally friendly material
  4. Better sleep and reduced stress

Less electricity and heating costs

Natural sunlight can’t pass through concrete walls but it will warm up a space that is mostly made using glass panels. During the winter months, natural sunlight will heat up the room reducing the need for artificial heating and it will be trapped inside the house for a longer period of time.

The fact that glass panels elongate from the floor to the ceiling will allow sunlight to reach inside the house from sunrise to sundown. Unlike other houses, there isn’t a short range of time for light to reach inside the house. This means that heating and artificial lighting will be needed for fewer hours during the day.

Aesthetic advantage

Windows not only serve for ventilation or lighting reasons, but they also contribute to the space’s aesthetic appeal. This is why some homes have wider, longer or even originally-shaped windows.

Glass houses are beautiful on the outside and are often appraised for being pure works of art. Glass gives an elegant feel to a space and many modernist architects have been attracted by this material working on building alluring glass houses.

All the Benefits of a Glass House - Aesthetic advantage

Resistant and environmentally friendly material

Despite its fragile appearance, glass is actually a very resistant material when treated to be placed on buildings. It is malleable into many shapes and forms making it a highly versatile alternative that can even be offered in different tones.

It is highly durable and tends to be scratch resistant making it a highly safe building material. Unlike plastics and other architectural materials, glass is environmentally friendly and doesn’t produce toxic fumes. Besides, it is easy to clean without the need of expensive products.

Better sleep and reduced stress

Aside from offering thermal insulation, glass is also highly competitive in noise control. Especially in highly congested areas, you may have trouble falling asleep if you keep being disturbed by outside noises. A layer of acoustic glass can be placed in order to offer higher comfort by blocking external noises. Additionally, being able to look outside even on rainy days can be beneficial for mental health by offering an escape mechanism.

Additionally, the body regulates biological processes using circadian rhythms. These internal “body clocks” function in response to light. As soon as you wake up, the light in the morning will signal your body to start the circadian rhythm. Living in artificially lighted homes can disrupt these cycles by not allowing the body to synchronize with natural light times.

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All the Benefits of a Glass House