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How To Knock Down A Wall In A House

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Knock Down A Wall In A House

Are you thinking of making changes in your home but you don't want it to eat up your entire budget? Listen up. If what you want is to make a partition or create new spaces and rooms, at we explain how to knock down a wall in your house. Although it is a very dirty job, because a lot of dust rises and covers everything, it is a fairly simple job. Give a new look to your home and grant it a sense of space and openness. Your home will look much nicer. Follow these tips and learn how to knock down a wall in a house quickly, easily and above all economically.

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Steps to follow:


Before you start to knock down a wall in your house, inspect the walls of your home. Before demolishing any of them, check if the selected wall forms part of the basic structure of your house. If it does, it is not advisable or safe knock it down, as it is part of the support of the foundation. If you don't know how to tell if it is one of these basic walls, look at the construction plans of your home.

How To Knock Down A Wall In A House - Step 1

Once you know what wall you can knock down, block off the area where you'll work for the next day. Empty the room, move everything in the way and, above all, cover it. This will avoid breaking it and getting it all dusty. Remember to also cover the floor with newspaper or plastic sheets to prevent damage.

How To Knock Down A Wall In A House - Step 2

Before you get to work, remember to switch off the electric current around your home. Failure to do so could produce a short circuit that could cause you physical and material damage. Turn off the electricity!

This is why it is advisable to do this during daylight. If you are planning to take down a wall from a room that has no light, use a headlight or a lamp or light that has its own power system.


Now you're ready. You can not knock down a wall in normal daily clothes. Remember that you need to protect yourself from the pieces of wall that will break as well as from the dust. With security equipment from any hardware store, you will protect yourself for any circumstances. A mask, goggles, helmet and gloves are essential.

How To Knock Down A Wall In A House - Step 4

The ceiling. Even if you just want to knock down a wall, that part of the roof must be prepared so as not to drop any pieces of plaster or stone. This is an important step to preventing physical and material damage. So add studs to the wall where you can support the top.


Time to smash! Get a mallet to break the wall panel and plaster. To break the larger pieces, we recommend using a jigsaw (or saber saw). With it, you can cut the surface of the wall vertically. Do this up and down between the posts. To remove the nails from the beams, just use your hammer.

How To Knock Down A Wall In A House - Step 6

Break all the parts of the wall and plaster between the posts. Leave a few centimetres at the bottom between the floor and the wall. In addition, it is also advisable to start knocking down the wall from the centre out.


Once you have demolished the wall, take the rods or top posts, in order to remove them from the top. Repeat the this with short rods and leave both surfaces free of nails. To remove the posts it will be easier to use a swinging motion.


Finally, make sure that the top of the wall is even and do the same with the bottom. Remove all the materials and you'll have your open space. Then you must do other tasks to finish the work but by following these tips for once you've opened a new space in your home.

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How To Knock Down A Wall In A House