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How to Decorate Moroccan Style on a Budget

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: July 30, 2019
How to Decorate Moroccan Style on a Budget

Do you want to decorate your house Moroccan style but you think you can´t because you are on a budget? Here at oneHOWTO we will debunk the myth that you need money to have an original house décor.

If you have travelled to Marrakesh and have seen a riad, we bet you wished you could have the same feeling at home. Well, you can! Moroccan style relies on particular details, so you don´t need to change your house completely if you want to give it a Moroccan feel. You can even decorate a room in Moroccan style, a Moroccan themed living room for example. Moroccan details go well with almost any kind of home decoration style: minimalist, romantic, eclectic, modern etc.

So, continue reading to know how to insert Moroccan details in your house décor and how to decorate Moroccan style on a budget.

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Steps to follow:


One of the main characteristics of Moroccan décor, or Arab décor in general, is architectural elements such as archways. Obviously, if you want to decorate your house on a budget, an architectural reshaping is out of question. However, you can get the same architectural feel by adding beautiful Moroccan arched metal mirrors here and there. Another good idea to give the house structure a Moroccan feel is adding colorful Moroccan textiles as room dividers, for your Moroccan bedroom for example! You don´t need to go silver and silk if you want to decorate Moroccan style on a budget. You will be able to find Moroccan mirrors online for under 50 dollars, and you can go to a fabrics shop and get a cheap Bohemian textile that will immediately give your house an exotic twist.

How to Decorate Moroccan Style on a Budget - Step 1

Another key element of Moroccan décor is painted ceramic tiles (zellij). They are very beautiful, and very expensive! However, you can decorate with tiles on a budget by only adding a few Moroccan tiles to a piece of you kitchen, or bathroom, or at the back of your bed. Another interesting idea is using Moroccan tiles in the kitchen and dining table to place hot pans. For an even cheaper way of decorating Moroccan style on a budget, you could purchase some Moroccan themed wallpaper and place it on one of the walls of your Moroccan style living room. Alternatively, you can use stencils and decorate an element of your house yourself.

How to Decorate Moroccan Style on a Budget - Step 2

A great idea is to start you Moroccan decoration by creating a "chill out lounge" resembling ancient Moroccan smoking rooms. Making it is cheaper than you think. What you definitely need is a low seat sofa. Purchasing one can be very expensive, so what we suggest is to get some free pallets, paint them, and then buy a mattress to put on top of the pallets. You can then cover the mattress with your preferred textile, tightened by an elastic on the edges, a bit like a bed sheet. You can choose you preferred color for a Moroccan themed living room. The signature of Moroccan décor is either desert colors, ocean colors, or reds and oranges. Don´t forget to add lots of pillows to your sofa for a true Moroccan feel.

Now that you have the sofa, you can purchase a couple of poufs to create a even more enchanted Moroccan atmosphere, a low table, and a rug. The rug can be a traditional Moroccan geometrical wool rug, or a cheaper jute rug, which goes well with a highly decorated sofa. If you also add a few candles and dim the light you will get a perfect desert tent atmosphere for a romantic or chill out night with very little money. Do you believe us now when we say you can decorate Moroccan style on a budget?

How to Decorate Moroccan Style on a Budget - Step 3

The best secrete to decorate Moroccan style on a budget is the lighting. You want to get beautiful Moroccan lamps and lanterns. You can either hang them on the tile as a regular chandelier, or place them on the floor, in which case we suggest purchasing big lanterns. Believe us, they create an immediate riad atmosphere and guess what? They are cheap! You can get them second hand or from a Moroccan exported goods shop for less than 40 dollars! You can decorate your house with Moroccan lamps even if you like a minimalist style, it really gives a beautiful touch to any house decoration style. So, start searching your lamp to decorate your house Moroccan style!

How to Decorate Moroccan Style on a Budget - Step 4

Last but not least, the details! Moroccan décor is very refined, which means it is based on your attention to details. Finishing touches are fundamental if you want to decorate your house Moroccan style. Such details are also very cheap, compared to most other decorating styles. Here are a few examples of details you can use to decorate Moroccan style on a budget.

  • metal work such as vases, plates, pitchers
  • crafted metal bed headboard (you can even find it from Ikea)
  • a tagine in the kitchen
  • Moroccan wedding blankets made of sheep´s wool

Put your imagination at work as there are many details you can add to decorate Moroccan style on a budget. We hope we have inspired you!

How to Decorate Moroccan Style on a Budget - Step 5

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How to Decorate Moroccan Style on a Budget