How to Fold Underwear in the Drawer

By Mary Smith. April 7, 2021
How to Fold Underwear in the Drawer

Whether it’s once a week, once a month or even once a year, lots of us tidy our underwear drawer. However, it’s almost guaranteed that three days later it will be a mess again. We may have tried different ways to sort our undergarments (folding clothes according to Marie Kondo), but they just get messed up again. It’s always the same even when only taking one item out of the drawer.

If this sounds familiar, keep reading oneHOWTO to find out how to fold underwear in the drawer. We provide, with tricks that will help you not only to save space, but also to keep your underwear tidy for longer.

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How to fold underwear

There are several ways to fold underwear with most of them being quite similar. Our technique adds an extra tip to the last step that stops the garment from deteriorating. Make some space on a tabletop, or a clean surface you can lean on, and follow the steps carefully.

  • Let's start with the underwear, whether panties, briefs or whatever. Place them on the table face down, stretched out and visually divide them into three equal parts across the width of what would be the hips.
  • First, fold one of the thirds towards the center and then fold the other inwards, on top of the other.
  • Usually, we would now make a fold with the bottom third, but this is where we change things up a little. Fold the top part (the part with the waistband) towards the center.
  • It should resemble a perfect square shape, except for the loose bottom part. Now, tuck the loose part inside the hollow of the waistband, as if it were a pocket.
  • The underwear is now square-shaped and folded firmly, with little chance of it unfolding.

To fold boxer shorts, the procedure is the same. Place them face down in front of us, with the waistband at the top. Fold first the left third, then the right third, then we again bring the top part to the center, and tuck the bottom part inside the waistband.

These methods can also be used to fit more clothes into a suitcase. Find more tricks in our article how to fit a lot of clothes in a suitcase without them creasing.

How to Fold Underwear in the Drawer - How to fold underwear

How to fold bras

Folding bras effectively depends on the type of bra. Bras with a sports top style (otherwise known as sportsbras) work with the same method as above. You just have to compress the straps as if they were the bottom of the panties. In this way, the straps will sit inside the elastic that runs under the chest. Follow these steps:

  1. With the bra face down on the table and the straps pointing towards you, first fold the third on your left.
  2. Then, fold the right third on top of the previous one.
  3. Continue with the top part and the straps, tucking them inside the elastic. Once again, it should form a square.

In the case of bras with a rigid cup, it is best not to fold them in half but leave them open. In this case:

  1. Close the bra as when worn.
  2. Insert the straps between the clasp and the cup and put the bra away.

In the case of bras that do not have a rigid cup, we can align the cups and fold one into the other. If you want to know more about how to wear bras once they are out of the underwear drawer, you can take a look at our article on how a non-wired bras should fit.

How to Fold Underwear in the Drawer - How to fold bras

How to fold socks

As far as socks go, rolling them up and turning them inside out is quite a well known method. However, when it comes to organizing them and ensuring that everything fits together, we are going to do it a little differently. In our case, we fold them, instead of rolling them up. Follow the steps:

  • Place one sock on top of another at a perpendicular angle (they will form fewer wrinkles this way and so last for longer).
  • Visually divide the sock in three parts, folding the toe part first.
  • Then, fold the remaining third on top of the previous one and turn them over. The difference? Instead of being round like a ball, the socks are flat and we storing them is more practical.

Finally, it's time for stockings, tights and pantyhose. These are similar to socks, except that the first step is to fold them in half like a pair of pants, rather than lay one on top of another.

How to Fold Underwear in the Drawer - How to fold socks

How to organize your underwear drawer

Now that we’ve learned how to fold underwear, we’ll discuss organizing the underwear drawer so that we can find the garment we need quickly. We can do this without having to rummage through everything until we find it.

The best solution is to use drawer organizer compartments, which can be found in any decoration store or neighborhood bazaar. Moreover, they often already have the precise size needed for storing underwear. These compartments are the perfect solution to stop the drawer and the closet from being a nightmare.

Once the organizers have been placed inside the drawers, the clothes should be placed standing up, so that we can only see the colors of each item from above. This way we can easily identify the colors and patterns.

How to Fold Underwear in the Drawer - How to organize your underwear drawer

More ideas for organizing your underwear drawers

One way to get the same result without spending anything is to make our own organizer compartments for your underwear. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Find a Tetra Brik of milk, wine or juice (or similar carton), clean it and dry well.
  • For panties, boxer shorts and bras, lay the Tetra Brik on its broadest side, and cut away the side that is facing up. You will be left with a rectangular drawer.
  • If the container has a cap, you can discard it.
  • The container can be lined with fabric or paper, rather than just using it as it is.
  • Fabric is, of course, always more resistant and we can use any scraps lying around the house. Use special fabric glue for a better quality lining.

For the sock drawer or compartment, the only difference is that you should remove one of the narrower sides of the Tetra Brik, so that it matches the size of the socks. If you want all your organizers to be the same height, you can always lower the sides. Even if they stick it out, the socks will be held in place.

Each compartment can be finished with a different pattern making for a very original end result.

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How to Fold Underwear in the Drawer
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