How to Kill Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 14, 2019
How to Kill Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

The Asian tiger mosquito is an insect that acts as a disease transmitter. They are native to tropical areas of Southeast Asia, but in recent years have spread to parts of southern Europe - especially areas of the Iberian Peninsula since 2004. To prevent their proliferation, it is important that you take action to help fight these invasive bugs.

This article will help you know how to kill asian tiger mosquitoes. These methods of control, elimination and prevention will help to combat the scourge that has found its way into your home.

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Steps to follow:

It is important that citizens are active in helping to eliminate these pests. In this case, to fight the tiger mosquito, it is essential that measures are taken within each household to prevent their reproduction and proliferation. Remember that the asian tiger mosquito uses 90% of private spaces to reproduce.


If you have a garden or patio, check every two weeks there is no accumulation of water either in ponds or small permanent pools, as well as any vessel (vases, ashtrays, bottles, sprinklers, drinking fountains, etc.). This is an important habit because the asian tiger mosquito seeks such accumulations of water to lay the eggs and to reproduce.

How to Kill Asian Tiger Mosquitoes - Step 2

But how do you know that the larvae were eliminated from the containers with the water accumulation? It is best to throw this water onto the soil, sand or the grass itself. These surfaces will cause the eggs to dry up and die, meaning there will be fewer in the skies.

You should also keep monitoring the containers so that they are not refilling with water. You can check them once every week or every two weeks, and even put them face down if you find that there are some mosquito larvae inside.


Cover and empty the deposits of water at home, otherwise, the asian tiger mosquito could access these pools and find an ideal place to breed. You can cover them with a mosquito net, with metal lids or any other material or objects, it is important that the closure is airtight.

How to Kill Asian Tiger Mosquitoes - Step 4

You should also check the tires in your garden or patio.

You may not know this, but tires are an ideal place for mosquito breeding. For some reason they love them, so it's best you prelace any decorative or discarded tires lying around your property and dispose of them at a waste centre.


If you have a small pond, ornamental ponds or decorative fountains in your yard or garden, try to add goldfish in these decorative elements. They are useful because they eat mosquito larvae, so it is a great way to prevent their proliferation.

How to Kill Asian Tiger Mosquitoes - Step 6

Properly clean terraces, patios, gardens and rooftops. Proper maintenance of these spaces will help keep asian tigers mosquitoes away, thus preventing the invasion of your home. You also need to check the drains or drainage areas to prevent water stagnation.


To prevent mosquitos coming into your home put screens on windows and doors to prevent their entry, as well as other nasty, creepy insects. Also, if you are prone to mosquito bites, we recommend using clothes with long sleeves or long trousers that cover most of your skin.

Don't forget about mosquito repellents either, as they will also help to prevent bites. If you don't like the idea of spray repellants or the smells they can leave on your skin, you could always opt for natural alternatives and homemade traps. You can find some more information in the following articles:

How to Kill Asian Tiger Mosquitoes - Step 8

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How to Kill Asian Tiger Mosquitoes
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How to Kill Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

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