How to Make a Dehumidifier with Rock Salt

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: February 6, 2017
How to Make a Dehumidifier with Rock Salt

Humidity at its most simple is the amount of moisture in the air. The humidity inside your home should be somewhere between 30% and 50%. As humidity increases, it starts getting uncomfortable for humans. High humidity is the best condition for mites and mold to grow and survive, and they are significant allergens for all of us. If you are living in a moist climatic environment, you may have purchased an expensive dehumidifier to keep humidity under control. But if you haven’t got one yet, or if you are looking for a natural way to control humidity, then you will be amazed to know that salt acts as a natural dehumidifier.Read this oneHOWTO article to learn how to make a dehumidifier with rock salt.

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Symptoms of high humidity in your home

If you have high humidity inside your house, you will face a lot of problems, including the following:

  • You will feel much hotter than the actual temperature
  • The air will feel wet and sweat will not be able to cool you off, as it is not evaporating
  • You may experience sleep related problems
  • Your hair may get frizzy and your makeup may run
  • Wood furniture inside your house can warp and you will see your doors sticking as they have increased in size
  • Mildew will form on fabrics and ruin them. You will be able to notice stains on your fabrics and they will damage more easily
  • Pets will start smelling worse than before
  • There will be rust in your metal objects
  • You will smell bad, no matter how much deodorant you spray
How to Make a Dehumidifier with Rock Salt - Symptoms of high humidity in your home

Steps to make a dehumidifier with rock salt

  1. Take a medium sized bucket made of plastic and drill a hole around ¼ inches in diameter in the bottom using an electrical drill. You may also use a sharp pointed object like a screw driver to make the hole.
  2. Cover the hole with a mesh or chicken wire and fix it in place.
  3. Fill the bucket with rock salt and keep it on a stand. Make sure that the stand you are using is corrosion free, so no uncovered metal, otherwise it will decay due to the salt. It should also be porous enough to let the moisture drip through. A few plastic milk crates will do the job fine. How high the stand is depends on the space available.
  4. Place another bucket or tub underneath the stand. This is where the captured moisture will seep into. This is placed just to catch the moisture so that the water does not seep onto the floor. This bucket should not have any holes in it.
  5. Direct a table fan directly towards the bucket with rock salt in it. This fan will gather the moisture from the air inside the room, and direct it to the rock salt.
How to Make a Dehumidifier with Rock Salt - Steps to make a dehumidifier with rock salt

You can check the efficiency of the dehumidifier by seeing how much water is seeping through the rock salt and gathering in the lower bucket. You can also use a hygrometer to test the relative humidity in your room. You can buy this hygrometer from any nearby home and garden store.

You can increase the size of your dehumidifier to enhance its effectiveness as well.

Take a look at our article on how to make a homemade dehumidifier if you need more ideas.

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1 comment
I have two buckets with the top one drilled with many holes & dumped 20kg of white rock salt. This is on the top of the second bucket to collect the water.
Problem is, NO water in the collector bucket after 18 days ? I know my garage humidity is high & must be rather damp at this time of the year in the UK. It has been -6 degrees during Feb/March 2023 & can't understand why this method is simply NOT showing to be effective & the bottom bucket is DRY ........... ?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Ged,

It is to do with the coldness you mentioned. The below freezing temperatures means that any dehumidifier will not work due to the particles within water not being able to move in the same way. Generally speaking, dehumidifiers need a temperature over 18 ºC/65 ºF to be efffective.
How to Make a Dehumidifier with Rock Salt
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How to Make a Dehumidifier with Rock Salt

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