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How to naturally whiten clothes without bleach

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to naturally whiten clothes without bleach

Passing time and the frequent use of garments are the main causes of our whites acquiring a yellowish or greyish colour that makes them look aged and unflattering. To keep giving use to these garments, have them regain their original colour and keep their perfect white for longer, there are a number of tricks that are useful in the task of whitening cloths. We show you the most effective in the following OneHowTo article, try them at home and see how your clothes go back to their original state.

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Steps to follow:


A home remedy for naturally whitening clothes is to take a large bowl, add water with detergent and the juice of two pressed lemons and some salt. Once the mixture is ready placed inside it the garment you want to whiten and leave for 30 minutes, approximately. Then rinse with plenty of water and you can proceed to wash the garment as you usual would. To enhance the effect leave the item of clothing to dry in the sun. This homemade solution is good for cottons.

How to naturally whiten clothes without bleach - Step 1

In the case of wanting to whiten woollen items and delicate fabrics these should be washed with cold water and a mild detergent and then during the rinse add 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to the water. With this action we will stop the woollens from having that yellowish colour and making them look just like new.


Furthermore, to whiten clothes like shirts, pour into a container half a glass of hydrogen peroxide and add a little water and then insert the item, letting it sit for seven minutes. Then rinse and wash the shirt as you normally would. If you want to know how to remove yellow stains from white shirts, see this article.

How to naturally whiten clothes without bleach - Step 3

In most households it happens that we keep white linen tablecloths that are only used infrequently and, whilst in storage, they acquire a yellowish tone. To recover their original white colour, we recommend leaving these fabrics to soak for 1 hour in a container or bowl containing raw milk. After this time, carry out a regular wash. Avoid the use of bleach, as they will only become more yellow.

How to naturally whiten clothes without bleach - Step 4

As we have seen, lemon is one of the most effective natural products to whiten clothing, and if garments have one or more yellowish spots is also very effective to eliminate them. Just rub the lemon on the spots or areas that have lost their original white, leave to dry in the sun and wash the item with warm water.

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Using boiled egg shells
Take the egg shells put in an old sock or something tie it off or use a rubber band than throw it in the wash with your whites add your detergent wash as normal about 4 eggs shells per wash
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How to naturally whiten clothes without bleach