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How to Prevent Clothes Smelling Damp

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Prevent Clothes Smelling Damp

When we store clothes for a while we like to be able to pick them out at any time. Unfortunately, after having been stored away for a while, the musty smell forces us to wash our clothes before reusing them. At OneHowTo we do not want this to happen to you again, so we'll show you some tricks on how to prevent clothes smelling damp.

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Steps to follow:


To prevent clothes smelling damp even after washing them, it is essential that, before putting them in your closet, you wash all of the items. Even if you've only used the garment once, you should wash it if you intend to store it for a long time in a closed space.


Another trick is to always use a scented fabric softener when washing your clothes. In this way your clothes will be fresher.

How to Prevent Clothes Smelling Damp - Step 2

You need to dry your clothes thoroughly before storing them. If they are not completely dry, they will get a musty smell, so it is better to dry them outdoors. If it's not possible, you should do so in a well-ventilated room. Take a look at how to hang clothes to dry properly for more tips.

How to Prevent Clothes Smelling Damp - Step 3

If you keep your clothes in the wardrobe, you can use certain fresheners to prevent your clothes smelling damp. In supermarkets there are many air fresheners, from those than hang to little balls that you can distribute among your clothes.

How to Prevent Clothes Smelling Damp - Step 4

A cheaper way is to make your own air fresheners for your clothes. Put some fresh lavender, for example, in fabric bags which you can then place throughout the wardrobe. Lemon is another very powerful natural deodorant. Cut a lemon into slices and distribute them throughout your wardrobe but be careful not to stain your clothing with their juice.

How to Prevent Clothes Smelling Damp - Step 5

Open the doors of your wardrobe occasionally, leaving your bedroom window open so your clothes get some air.


If you plan on storing your clothes in drawers, it is better to do so in airtight containers. If it is properly closed, it is very difficult for clothes to become smelly. You can also put air fresheners in your clothing containers to make sure that they smell good when you return to use them again.

How to Prevent Clothes Smelling Damp - Step 7

Your clothes may also smell damp due to the fact you have left them overnight in the washing machine, or at least for a long time. Make sure you empty the washing machine as soon as the cycle has finished.

How to Prevent Clothes Smelling Damp - Step 8

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How to Prevent Clothes Smelling Damp