Getting rid of moths

The best ways to get rid of closet moths

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The best ways to get rid of closet moths

The closet moth is an inherent enemy of our wardrobe. It is an insect of the butterfly family that develops following a process of metamorphosis that goes through the following phases: egg, larva, cocoon and adult, which is the insect that we know as moth. Although it believed otherwise, it is the larva of the moth which damages the fabrics and against whom we must fight to protect our clothes. There are several ways to prevent closet moths but for cases in which these annoying little animals have already attacked our wardrobes in OneHowTo we explain the best tricks to get rid of closet moths.

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  1. Little bags of lavender
  2. Orange and lemon peel
  3. Cedar
  4. Cloves
  5. Naphthalene or camphor
  6. Prevention of moths

Little bags of lavender

A natural moth repellent, but no less effective for this, is lavender. So we can hang little sacks of this aromatic grass in our wardrobes or place it in our drawers to repel the moths whilst acting as a perfume for clothes. You can cultivate this plant at home too.

The best ways to get rid of closet moths - Little bags of lavender

Orange and lemon peel

Another good idea to combat clothing moths is by use of orange and lemon peels, which we can also put in a small fabric bag to avoid these peels from marking the clothes. This trick, other than repelling moths, also perfumes our wardrobes.

The best ways to get rid of closet moths - Orange and lemon peel


Cedar, a conifer tree from the Pinaceae family that also serves as a moth repellent. That is why we can put in the wardrobes a container with some cedar oil, paying attention in order not to soil anything. Small pieces of this wood can also be used placing it between clothes.

The best ways to get rid of closet moths - Cedar


Another natural trick that you can use against these insects that attack clothes are cloves, especially in the pockets of woollen items and coats. It is a good way of repelling moths from the most vulnerable fabrics, especially organic fabrics.

The best ways to get rid of closet moths - Cloves

Naphthalene or camphor

Turning to the chemical moth repellents, which are characterised by the nasty smell they let off, we can opt for the naphthalene or camphor which tend to be sold in bags to put between the clothes or as tablets to hang from hangers. These products must be stored out of reach of children because they are toxic.

The best ways to get rid of closet moths - Naphthalene or camphor

Prevention of moths

Perhaps it is more important to know how you can prevent moths from attacking your clothes so that you do not have to struggle later to eliminate them.

If you also have house moths you can also learn how to get rid of house moths.

The best ways to get rid of closet moths - Prevention of moths

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  • Use anti-moth methods to prevent this insect from ruining your clothes.
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The best ways to get rid of closet moths