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How to Choose the Right Storage Facility for Your Collection and Delivery Needs

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. May 6, 2024
How to Choose the Right Storage Facility for Your Collection and Delivery Needs

It is a mistake to think of all storage facilities as the same. While they essentially fulfil the same function of storing your belongings, the approach, security and services each facility offers can vary considerably. At oneHOWTO, we look at the factors you need to consider when choosing the right storage facility for your collection and delivery needs.

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  1. Security
  2. Storage options
  3. Location
  4. Maintenance
  5. Packing
  6. Collection and delivery


While it may seem obvious, not all storage facilities will have the same approach to security. Although theft from storage facilities is generally rare, it is important to know your options. Storage facilities should protect your items with suitable locks and provide security personal to ensure no one has any unauthorized access. This also applies to transport vehicles.

Another important factor is coverage for your items. A reputable storage facility should provide a reasonable level of coverage for damage or loss of your items. Some may even offer additional coverage, depending on their rates and what items you are storing.

Storage options

It is important to have storage options catered to your needs. If a facility only offers large storage units, but you have a few small items to store, it is not going to be cost effective. You need somewhere that also provides spaces to store smaller items at a cheaper rate.

You may also only need a very short storage period. In these cases, you will need to find somewhere that can negotiate a rate which will provide short-term storage that is appropriate for your needs. The same applies for long-term storage, with some facilities even offering discounted rates for this service.


For ease and accessibility, it is important to find a storage facility which is near to you. This means you are best suited to a storage facility with many locations and easy access. Somewhere too remote might provide good security, but it may also complicate issues when you need fast access to your belongings.


If you go to a storage facility and the premises look in disrepair, it will not bode well for your peace of mind. When a storage facility is not properly cleaned and maintained, it will increase the likelihood of damage to your stored items. An example would be poor roof maintenance, leading to leaks that can cause water damage.

Similarly, pests can be a big problem in storage facilities. If they are kept in industrial areas, there may be problems with rats or other vermin. Suitable maintenance and cleaning means your belongings are kept safe from various potential dangers.


When choosing a storage facility, you will want to find one which has the services to meet your needs. For example, you may have mobility issues which complicate the packing of your items. There are storage and removal facilities which will be able to pack your items for you. You can still supervise the packing and ensure it is carried out to your specifications, but the extra help may be indispensable.

Another important thing to consider when packing is materials. Ensuring you have the right types of packing material for your belongings can be difficult. Especially those which specialize in collection and delivery, the storage facility might be able to provide these materials for you and save you a lot of hassle. This can be especially helpful to those of us who have many items, such as new homeowners or students moving out for the first time.

Collection and delivery

One of the reasons many of us need storage is because we are unable to move certain items at a particular time. As much as the end storage of our belongings is important, transport can become a big problem for many of us. This is why there are storage facilities such as Lovespace which have collection and delivery options to meet anyone’s transport needs.

These services will collect your belongings in specialized vehicles to ensure they are transported efficiently and safely. They can also provide both the materials and the expertise to help pack up your items securely for protection both in transit and at their final destination. They should be flexible for pickup and delivery times, ensuring you receive your belongings when you need them.

When choosing the right storage facility to meet your collection and delivery needs, it is important you have somewhere reliable. Check reviews and only choose a service with a positive reputation.

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How to Choose the Right Storage Facility for Your Collection and Delivery Needs