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Types of Mosquito Nets for Doors and Windows

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: July 7, 2024
Types of Mosquito Nets for Doors and Windows

The different types of mosquito nets all have the same purpose. They prevent mosquitoes from entering the home. However, different homes have different needs, so there are variations in type which will suit people differently. Mosquito nets are designed so that they stop small insects such as the mosquito from entering the home, but they don't stop the cool air which is often needed in the hot climates where mosquitoes are most in abundance. The mesh which stops the mosquitoes can be made from different designs, but there are other design factors to consider.

At oneHOWTO, we look at the different types of mosquito nets for doors and windows. By looking at the range of different mosquito net options, you can decide which one is best for your home.

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  1. Fixed mosquito nets
  2. Sliding mosquito nets
  3. Roll-up mosquito nets
  4. Pleated mosquito nets
  5. Extendable mosquito nets

Fixed mosquito nets

As their name indicates, these types of moquito net are designed for permanent installation. Using a wooden, aluminum or PVC frame for window or door, they are integrated into the home. This does not mean that they cannot be removed if desired. It does mean they cannot be disconnected easily, nor can they be rolled or folded.

The mesh of fixed mosquito nets is usually not very flexible. In most cases they are made of polyester or fiberglass. Fixed mosquito nets maintain their position at all times and are designed to be placed in areas with a high presence of insects. These tend to be warm and tropical climates, as well as homes near rivers or swamps. It is also common for people who have severe allergic reactions to the bites of certain insects to use fixed nets.

Fixed mosquito nets can have different fastening systems. For example, you can choose magnetized or magnetic mosquito nets which adhere to the frame with a click. Claw mosquito nets have a series of hooks screwed in that fit with the receiving part in the corresponding frame. These are the mosquito nets most commonly used in tilt-and-turn windows. There are others which use a clip system that simply fit by exerting pressure from the inside onto the outside.

Types of Mosquito Nets for Doors and Windows - Fixed mosquito nets

Sliding mosquito nets

They are the most used in both sliding doors and windows due to their easy installation and efficacy in keeping out mosquitoes. Comfortable and functional, they are usually secured in a way that they fit into the rail of the window or door itself. In doing so, they can slide easily on their lower bearings whenever you want them to fulfill their function of preventing the entry of insects.

There are sliding mosquito nets of multiple sizes. Many of them also adapt easily to the dimensions of the window frame. In some cases, it is not possible to use them for your door or window. This happens if there is some element that prevents it from sliding. For example, an interior handle or a window trim that interrupts its passage.

Types of Mosquito Nets for Doors and Windows - Sliding mosquito nets

Roll-up mosquito nets

The roller type of mosquito net is perhaps the most versatile because they can be put on practically any type of door and window. This includes tilt-and-turn windows. They are sold in an almost unlimited number of sizes, even designed to be installed in large windows. Some are adapted to have a motor so they can move up and down the opening with a remote.

With these mosquito nets, the mesh that stops insects is rolled up in a cylinder. It works like a reel and can be left in or rolled up. They work just like a blind or awning, which you can raise or lower whenever you want. If there are no mosquitoes at that time or if you want a little more brightness, it means you can remove the mosquito net without having to uninstall it.

Roll-up mosquito nets usually have small hooks or weights in the lower area. This means they remain perfectly to prevent the entry of insects once they are extended.

If a mosquito net doesn't provide the right solution for you, find out some other tricks to avoid mosquito bites in our related article.

Types of Mosquito Nets for Doors and Windows - Roll-up mosquito nets

Pleated mosquito nets

This type of mosquito net for doors and windows is the most advisable if the objective is to cover large openings, especially in bay doors. They are generally made with PVC frames and polyester or fiberglass mesh. Their particularity lies in the fact that the fabric is collected by making successive folds, making it pleated as if it were an accordion.

They are always fixed on the sides, not at the top. They can be simple, with a single leaf or double leaf for large doors. This is why they are often use on doors which lead to terraces, balconies or the garden porch.

It is one of the best systems if you are trying to avoid mosquitoes by covering a passage door which is opened and closed frequently. These require a mosquito net that can be folded and extended again quickly and easily. They are also a good solution for large windows. For example, they are great for a glazed terrace. In any case, they are usually collected with a simple system of handles, similar to the one that curtains can have.

Extendable mosquito nets

Finally on our list of different mosquito nets for doors and windows, we have extendable nets. They are less known, but they are very practical and effective. It uses a system that consists of two fixed mosquito nets, but which are joined by guides. They allow the distance between them to be adjusted so that they fit perfectly in the window frame.

They can be placed vertically or horizontally. Generally, one of the meshes remains fixed and the other can be moved so that the mosquito net adapts to the needs of each moment. For example, they can be partially withdrawn during the day and fully extended again at night to preventing attacks of mosquitoes while you sleep.

Once you have decided on which type of mosquito net is best for your home, you will need to know the importance of maintenance. Learn more with our article on how to wash mosquito nets.

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Types of Mosquito Nets for Doors and Windows