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How To Stop Insects from Entering in Your Home

How To Stop Insects from Entering in Your Home

Summer attracts some of the worst household pests: insects. Although some may be beneficial for the garden, they can also be annoying and leave painful bites. So preventing these animals from sneaking into our homes can be important and extremely useful. Note that not all recommendations are the same for all insects. However, at OneHowTo we will provide some general advice on how to stop insects from entering in your home.

Steps to follow:

One of the most practical and effective ways to do this, is to install mosquito nets on doors and windows. These are metallic wired nets with very small holes that keep insect out when your windows and doors are open. You can choose from rolling, sliding or fixed mosquito nets. Some must be installed by professionals, but others can be installed by the customer. Although these can be quite expensive sometimes to be installed, this is the most effective way to keep bugs out of your home.


Another preventative measure is the use of chemical insecticide sprays or aerosol, though they aren't always reliable, they are a cheaper option at a short period than the nets. While they may work in confined and/or small rooms, they're not as effective in larger rooms, terraces or balconies.


There are also electric insecticides, commonly recommended for summer evenings when mosquitoes and other flying insects are rife. Some contain replaceable liquid or tablets whilst others emit an ultrasonic sound. These can be quite expensive depending on which make you choose, however if you search properly you can find some very cheap options.


Placing aromatic herbs in the garden, terrace, balcony or windows is also very effective in warding off insects. They are natural insecticides that also give your home a wonderfully fresh aroma. Examples include basil, mint, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, thyme, etc. If you don't have room for plants, you could use aromatic essential oils for the same effect. Using these in the long run is a very cheap and viable option for most households.


Citronella is another recommended plants to ward off insects, hence its presence in many candles, liquid repellents and moisturising creams. Take a look at the following OneHowTo article for more details on how to keep mosquitoes away with citronella. This plant can be harder to find, however in most specialized plant shops they should have them.


If you are god at DIY, you could also try making insect traps. Click here for an insect trap made of just a bottle, yeast, sugar and water. These can be very effective if used in the right way, however be careful if you have your own pets, as some of these can be dangerous as you can accidentally poison your pet, therefore always be extremely careful when using these.


However one of the best ways to keep all insects out, is to store food properly, whether raw or cooked, because food attracts insects and flies in particular, which will be annoying when eating. Don't leave anything lying about that might draw them in, storing all food either in the fridge or cupboards and using containers with lids.

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How To Stop Insects from Entering in Your Home
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How To Stop Insects from Entering in Your Home