How to Stop Pigeons from Coming to Your Roof

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Stop Pigeons from Coming to Your Roof

Tired of pigeons perching on your roof and leaving a mess everywhere? These animals are popularly known as "rats with wings" because they may carry parasites that can infect humans. It is therefore advisable that you keep them away from your home.

There are some tactics that may help prevent these birds from gathering on your roof and leaving it in a state. In this OneHowTo article we explain how to stop pigeons from coming to your roof. We include some of the best techniques to do this effectively.

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Getting rid of pigeons on your roof

You can install plastic or metal spikes on ledges, windowsills, rooftops or other flat or curved surfaces where pigeons can perch and nest. These are easy to install and barely noticeable, yet hugely effective as they make it impossible for pigeons to land where the spikes are present.

Try using sticky (but harmless) substances that deter the birds from coming back. This should keep them away. These products make the pigeons stick slightly to the roof which makes them feel uncomfortable but does not cause them any harm.

How to Stop Pigeons from Coming to Your Roof - Getting rid of pigeons on your roof

Use a bird repellent

If the pigeons have already become a nuisance in your home or yard, consider using a bird repellent as a last resort. Some of these repellents are made with Methyl anthranilate and are applied with a sprayer. It does not cause the birds any harm (make sure you check the bottle), but causes a very unpleasant reaction. After a few applications, pigeons and their descendants for pigeon generations to come will associate your home with this unpleasantness and stay clear.

Ultrasound machines to scare away pigeons

There are other products available, such as machines that give off ultrasonic sounds which are said to scare away pigeons. You can hang mirrors from the ceiling to scare away the pigeons.

Never use any chemicals, poisons or other lethal methods as, besides the fact that they may be ilegal in your area, would also cause great harm to the pigeons.

Eliminate food sources for the pigeons

Eliminate the pigeons' food sources. Pigeons eat mostly anything, from grass seeds and berries to pet or human food left out within reach.

Plastic decoys or animals

Pigeons, like all birds, are very territorial and if they see that a balcony is already occupied by another pigeon, they will avoid nesting there. A good technique to deter them is to place plastic animals around the area to keep the pigeons away.

How to Stop Pigeons from Coming to Your Roof - Plastic decoys or animals

Shoo away pigeons with moving objects

No, we're not talking about throwing things at them. If you want to stop pigeons from coming to your roof, place wire around areas like attic windows where pigeons are likely to gather. While the word "scarecrow" may conjure up images of straw hats, nothing beats a plastic owl when it comes to scaring pigeons away. If you can find one that moves (like a weather vane), all the better.

If you've tried all these steps without success, call a professional, preferably a pest control company known in your area. Even if they do not personally remove pigeons from the roof of your house, they can give you a referral for someone who does.

Pigeon deterrents

Traps or contraptions that will hurt the birds - and which are actually unlikely to capture any - are to be avoided.

The presence of hawks and eagles would intimidate pigeons. This would entail placing these birds of prey nearby, if the law permits. Check the rules and legislation in your area, and also consider the care and welfare of these birds.

These have been some tips on how to stop pigeons from coming to your roof. If you have any, tell us in the comments section!

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  • Pigeons live all over the planet, except in the Antarctic, the Arctic and in the most arid parts of the world. Moving is therefore not a solution.
  • Avoid feeding pigeons under any circumstances.

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How to Stop Pigeons from Coming to Your Roof
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How to Stop Pigeons from Coming to Your Roof

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