How to Move House Without Stress

By Mary Smith. November 27, 2023
How to Move House Without Stress

Moving house is a notoriously stressful period for many of us. We invariably underestimate how much stuff we have accumulated over the years. Even after getting rid of what we don’t need, the task of moving all our belongings seems gargantuan. Add to this any personal dramas that complicate the emotional aspects of the transition and our anxiety levels can be through the roof. For this reason, oneHOWTO explains how to move house without stress. We provide some helpful, practical tips to ensure this move goes as smooth as possible.

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1. Make a plan of action

There are almost always unexpected problems when moving. Maybe a wardrobe doesn’t fit down the stairs or we damage some flooring when moving other furniture. While stressful events can occur, you can minimize problems by providing a suitable plan of action.

Determine what goes where and who does what ahead of time. This will be especially helpful when you are trying to organise a team. By referring back to the plan, you will have helpful guidelines to stick to. You should still adapt when circumstances change, but a POA can save a lot of trouble.

2. Choose the right moving company

As we stated in the introduction, you often find you have more than expected when you pack all of your belongings. While they cost money, the rewards of a moving company are worth it. You will have professionals who know how to structure the move and will alleviate much of the stress you take on your own shoulders.

It is possible you are unable to move everything all at once. You may want to choose a moving company that includes storage as well as packing such as the moving company Lovespace’s storage options. This is another reason making a plan of action is so helpful.

Moving stress can be even greater if you choose the wrong moving company. Removal firms whose workers don’t treat your belongings with care, who are antisocial when moving or who needlessly complicate the move will cause more anxiety than they are worth. Properly research your movers by looking at independent reviews and ask for recommendations from friends.

3. Take your time

Making a plan of action means you are preparing in advance. Doing so can help you schedule what needs to be done, but always be generous with the time you allot. Being ahead of schedule is always preferable to being behind. Thinking about how long it will take to move a large piece of furniture and being realistic with how much you have to move can avoid a lot of stress.

4. Use the right supplies

Part of your plan of action will require finding the right materials for the move. If you don’t have the right materials, you can make the physical move very difficult and it can result in property loss or damage.

You will need to have strong boxes to carry certain objects. Bubble wrap and other packing material is important for protecting fragile items. Even the packing tape you use can vary greatly in quality. Make a list of what you need as part of your plan and use quality items.

5. Don’t clean as you go

This tip to avoid moving anxiety can seem counterintuitive, but it actually saves a lot of time. You can tidy as you go, but do not start cleaning up until everything is moved. If you start mopping floors before everything is moved, you will just have to clean them again after everyone walks all over them.

How to Move House Without Stress - 5. Don’t clean as you go

6. Label everything

Most of these tips to avoid stress when moving house have focused on before and during the move. Labelling is something which is useful before, during and after. If we don’t label boxes and other storage properly, we can become confused with who needs to move what where. This is a common issue, especially when we have a lot of belongings in similar looking packaging.

Once you finally move, you won’t necessarily need to unpack immediately, but there is always something you will need that you can’t find. Ensuring you have labelled everything properly will avoid the stress of opening up and rummaging through thirty boxes to finally find the bottle opener for your celebratory moving wine.

7. Have fun

Finally, when making your plan, ensure you allow time for fun. Make a playlist of moving tunes, have a break to order pizza and do what you can to make the move a social occasion. Simply looking at the move with a different perspective can help turn a stressful event into a joyful celebration.

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How to Move House Without Stress
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How to Move House Without Stress

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