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How to Save Money on Heating

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 5, 2023
How to Save Money on Heating

Enduring the winter without being cold and saving on heating can be tricky, but thankfully it's not impossible. In this oneHOWTO article we're going to explain how to save money on heating, especially during winter.

Keep reading this article to learn effective methods to help you save on your heating bills this winter!

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  1. Don't turn the radiator off and on
  2. Take advantage of the resources of your own home
  3. Choose your type of radiator well

Don't turn the radiator off and on

Although it sounds strange, turning off the radiator costs more than leaving it on. Changes in temperature use up a lot of energy, because once the radiator is switched off, it has to reheat completely above ambient temperature. This is why you want to avoid turning all the way off, instead keep it at the minimum.

Always leave it at a constant temperature and turn it off only when you leave home for several hours. The rest of the time when you go out, you can keep it to a minimum. Try it out until you get the hang of it. For example, you can always move in a climate between 19ºC to 21ºC during the day and between 15ºC to 17ºC at night.

Placing a thermostat is a good option to save on heating, since it will only adapt the temperature of your house to the optimum level you need to be warm (with a sweater ) without spending more than necessary.

How to Save Money on Heating - Don't turn the radiator off and on

Take advantage of the resources of your own home

Indeed, the temperature of one's home does not depend only on their radiator, so you can keep your house warm in winter without overusing your heating. In fact, well-insulated, double-glazed windows can save you up to 50% on heating.

Closed room doors will make the house heat up faster by reducing the working space of each radiator. That is, instead of heating a large and spacious area all together, let each radiator take care of acclimating one room, and you will notice the heat in a more intense way. In addition, you can follow these other tips to heat a home without heating:

Take advantage of the daylight

During the day, ventilate the house in the hours of maximum heat (noon) and let the light that there is increase the temperature of the windows, and serve as natural heating. Keep in mind that the winter sun does not heat up much, but at least following this advice will save you on your electricity bill. This will also depend on what country or region you live in.

Use the blinds and curtains

When it's nighttime, lower the blinds and draw the curtains to keep the cold out. Ideally, your windows have thick glass, but if you don't have them, the blinds will add a layer of thickness to the glass.

Also, glass cools down very quickly, and that greatly affects the overall temperature in your home. Running the curtains will help you prevent the direct current from entering the house. They act as a “blanket” for the windows and act as a barrier to the cold.

Check the heat losses in the slits

Check all the doors and windows that face the outside in your home. A crack is the worst thing that can happen to you if you want to save heating in winter. If you find any, you should get that fixed as quickly as possible.

When you locate them, cover them with a little silicone or putty to prevent the cold from passing through them. And if they are serious, fix them by calling a specialist as the investment is worth it.

Wear layers

Although this sounds like a very basic tip, some people do forget to wear more clothing. Although we all enjoy walking comfortably at home with minimal clothing, winter is definitely not the time for that. Wear thick and cozy sweaters at home, opt for thermal socks when sleeping and add some extra blankets to your bed and sofa.

This will help you keep the heating at a minimal while not feeling cold, hence lowering your heating bills and keeping you warm.

How to Save Money on Heating - Take advantage of the resources of your own home

Choose your type of radiator well

Here at oneHOWTO we encourage you to avoid electric radiators if you want to save on energy. Instead, choose ones that run on natural gas or biomass to lower your bill. They are by far the most economical option due to the fact that the installation is simple and the medium from which they are powered is cheaper than electricity.

If not, central heating is a good way to spend less, since everything that is communal tends to cut down. Mind you, get ready to have a blanket or two ready to cover you when you're on the couch. In fact, having blankets around the house is also a good way to save on heating. It is also a very pleasant feeling to curl up with the blanket on the sofa. And if you share a flat, it is a moment that will improve your relationship with your colleagues, family or partner, since there is little more intimate than sharing a warm blanket when the cold and rain start outside.

If this article has helped you know how to spend less on heating , you may also be interested in our article about cheap ways to keep your house warm in winter without heating. If you want some more tips, we also encourage you to watch the video below!

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How to Save Money on Heating