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How to Use an Electric Oven

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Use an Electric Oven

Do you have an electric oven but do not know how to use it? Some advantages of this appliance which is smaller than a traditional oven is that it preheats quickly and can reach a temperature of 260°C (500°F). Also, this oven is cheaper than a conventional one and so will help you save some money. Furthermore, this type of oven keeps inside the heat it generates, as it cannot escape it will not take over your kitchen or move to other rooms. In this OneHowTo article we show you how to use an electric oven so you can bake properly.

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Steps to follow:


Firstly choose what food you want to bake and pay attention to the preparation instructions. If it the instructions say you should preheat the oven before cooking then simply turn on the the appliance to the recommended temperature. Unless otherwise stated place the rack in the center of your oven for a balanced cooking process.


If your electric oven has a timer select the time recommended in the recipe. When a variable time is indicated, i.e. between a minimum and a maximum number of minutes, it is appropriate to choose the minimum time to prevent our food burning. In this way you will have the option to continue heating it, should it not be ready. If the food burns this will be more complicated to fix. This is a case of better safe than sorry!


While cooking, check the oven to ensure that your recipe is preparing normally. To do this look through the oven door or open it slightly and carefully look inside. If you notice that the dish is cooking too fast decreases temperature from 10 to 25 degrees.


Finally, when the timer indicates that it has finished cooking or when you see that the food looks ready, open the door completely and with the help of cooking gloves or mittens take the food out of the oven. Then turn off the oven and close the door. If you think it is still missing a few minutes to be in best condition you can keep it for a little longer in the appliance but monitor its progress closely.

How to Use an Electric Oven - Step 4

When baking a cake in an electric oven we recommend you take note of the following observations to ensure that it is ready and that you can remove the cake from the appliance:

  • The cake has a golden appearance.
  • When touched it bounces a bit.
  • You prick a stick into the central area and this comes out clean.

It is important that you consider the following oven care procedures to keep in perfect condition:

  • Regarding the materials you use to cook safely, we recommend using the trays that came with the appliance as well as glazed, lacquered or dark trays.
  • For maintenance it is also important to prevent the trays from being very close to or touching the inner heat source. Moreover, these should be positioned as centrally as possible so that the heat is equally distributed around the food.
  • Another suggestion for the correct use of an electric oven is to place it in a room that has no cold air ventilation. This will stop the oven over using electricity as outdoor temperature can influence this.
  • Regarding cleaning methods, avoid detergents and sponges that can damage your appliance. Choose wet wipes with lemon or vinegar instead.

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  • Switch off the oven 10 minutes before the time indicated in the recipe, then you can take advantage of the heat inside and avoid using unnecessary energy.
  • When you have finished cooking, open the door slightly and leave it open for a few minutes so the appliance cools inside.
  • To reduce energy consumption you can thaw out food before putting it in the oven.
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When to use top element, bottom and both.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Mithila,

The top element is generally used for grilling. This is used for foods which don't need to be cooked through to the middle or if you want a crispy topping. Many ovens will allow you to turn the top element on while the main oven is also on. This is good for something which has been cooked through to the middle, but which you may want to have a crispy topping or skin such as a lasagna or roast chicken. Practice will help you to know how well your oven works, but it is always best to use a cooking thermometer to ensure it is at the right temp.
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How to Use an Electric Oven