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How to Deep Clean an Air Fryer

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. March 16, 2023
How to Deep Clean an Air Fryer

Air fryers have been growing in popularity to the point they seem to have sprung up everywhere. Not since the microwave has a kitchen appliance been so widely accepted and enjoyed. Comparing air fryers and microwaves is also appropriate because they provide similar benefits. Specifically, they make cooking quicker, healthier and more economical. For example, with just a few drops of oil, they can provide the same crispiness to a piece of chicken as a deep-fat fryer in even less time.

Another important factor is cleanliness. With a deep-fat fryer, the oil not only covers the appliance, but it can be sent out into the rest of the kitchen. With an air fryer, we don't see the same amount of grease since it uses much less. This does not mean it doesn't need regular cleaning. Although not a complicated task, if we leave it for a long time, dirt can build up. For this reason, oneHOWTO explains how to deep clean an air fryer.

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  1. How to deep clean your air fryer step by step
  2. Tips for cleaning your air fryer
  3. Air fryer maintenance tips

How to deep clean your air fryer step by step

If you have just used your fryer and it is time to clean it, the first thing you have to do is turn it off and unplug it. This is for your safety to both avoid burns and electrocution. Do not try to clean the inside until the element has cooled down, so its best to clean it when it has not been in use or you will have to wait.

Once the necessary security measures have been taken, the steps to follow show you how to deep clean the air fryer easily and with excellent results:

  1. Take out the removable compartment of the fryer completely and remove any removable element that is inside. This will be the basket or tray which in which we place the food during cooking.

  2. With some absorbent kitchen paper, remove any remaining food that may have stuck to the inside of the air fryer. You will need to clean any grease with absorbent kitchen paper first.

  3. Then you will need to spray the insides with a suitable degreasing agent. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes to break down the grease. Then wipe it off with a suitable cloth, wipe it down with a clean wet cloth and then dry it completely with kitchen paper.

  4. To clean the basket, you will need to soak it in the sink with some dish detergent. This will break down the grease and make cleaning much easier. Do not clean with an abrasive cloth or a scouring pad as it can scratch the protective coating. Do the same with any accessories.

  5. You should not submerge the draw itself in water, but the bottom should pop out for easy cleaning. Do the same as you did with the basket.

  6. To finish the complete cleaning of the air fryer, take a microfiber cloth, dampen it and wipe the entire exterior of the appliance. Finish by drying with a second microfiber cloth.

What you need to wash for your air fryer deep clean will depend on the make and model of the appliance. Some are built with multiple baskets and levels which you can clean just the same as the original basket. Sometime it can come with silicone mats or inserts (see photo below). These can be cleaned in the sink with the detergent. Just ensure you dry everything before use.

How to Deep Clean an Air Fryer - How to deep clean your air fryer step by step

Tips for cleaning your air fryer

As you can see, cleaning an air fryer is very easy. It is something that must be done with the appropriate frequency to avoid the accumulation of food residues and grease that could end up being harmful to our health. It can also cause the fryer to reduce its performance, become less efficient and even break the appliance.

It must also be remembered there are different models of air fryers and some have small parts that are somewhat complicated to clean. For example, the baskets that are placed at the bottom of the fryer where the food is deposited usually have small indentations in their design. These are for a better grip on the food and some tiny rubber pieces that allow you to place them in the drawer without damaging the sides. In order to leave these pieces impeccable, an old toothbrush with a little soap and water will be an excellent cleaning tool.

When cleaning, it is essential not to use anything that could scratch the inside of the appliance. Do not use aggressive scourers or corrosive products that can cause damage. Also, always choose a soap suitable for household food use, just like the one you would use to wash any pan or saucepan. Thoroughly rinsing and drying all the parts of your air fryer is a detail of the utmost importance.

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Air fryer maintenance tips

Air fryers do not require excessive maintenance, but even so, it is always a good idea to read the instruction manual carefully and follow the recommendations of each manufacturer. In general, maintenance involves disconnecting the fryer whenever it is not being used.

To keep it in good condition for longer, it is also important not to leave any food or grease residue inside. If you are going to use it again and you think that a deep cleaning with soap and water is not necessary as we have indicated, take the precaution of removing any remains with a bit of absorbent paper to prevent the grease from sticking.

If the grease has irreparably adhered, never use a metal object to try to remove it. It is much better to put warm water with a degreasing product that is as non-aggressive as possible. This could even be a few drops of white vinegar or lemon as natural cleansers. Do it and leave it to soak for 10-15 minutes and you will see that when you pass the sponge, the fat comes out perfectly.

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How to Deep Clean an Air Fryer