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When to Use an Oven Fan

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
When to Use an Oven Fan

Have you ever wondered when to use the oven fan? Mostly known for its functionality, make sure you have it on when you roast or bake your food in the oven. The advantage is that it can give your dishes a very good finish. Its symbol on most ovens corresponds to a black circle with three little fan blades inside it. On OneHowTo, we show you everything you need to know about the oven fan's use and the dishes that you can enjoy on a whole new level with its use.

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  1. What is an oven fan?
  2. What foods require good heat distribution?
  3. Recommendations

What is an oven fan?

The purpose of this device in the oven is to facilitate the movement of heat throughout the oven's interior. Thus what is achieved is equally cooked food. This prevents any part of your delicious food staying cold or uncooked. In short, the fan distributes the selected temperature inside the oven.

On the other hand, this option is also used if you need to defrost food, while maintaining a low temperature. You may also use the function of the fan grill with a high temperature without adding heat or applying it from above or below.

When to Use an Oven Fan - What is an oven fan?

What foods require good heat distribution?

Meals that need a good distribution of heat are dishes like roasts or desserts and sweets. For this reason, it is ideal turn the oven fan when you cook foods such as roast beef, chicken, pork, grilled vegetables, cakes, puddings, pastries, muffins and even bread. In a cake shop or a bakery, oven fans are widely used to make the yeast rise.

If the oven doesn't have a fan, the heat will only linger around the bottom so that the baked masses rise. However, it is advisable to use the oven fan for most meals. Similarly, it's great to help clean the oven while still hot, which facilitates the cleaning task.

When to Use an Oven Fan - What foods require good heat distribution?


Below we offer a number of useful recommendations on activating your oven fan:

  • Some claim that having an oven fan means that foods are optimally cooked throughout, which enhances the food's juiciness.
  • Do not leave the fan on for more than five or ten minutes when you bake cakes. Keeping the fan on helps the yeast rise, but be careful because after that time, your cake could burst into flames. So, use the oven fan in moderation.
  • Moreover, the oven fan can also dry the dough of your cake and dry it out due to constant air flow. If you notice that, simply turn the fan off. Bake your food by placing it well in the middle of the oven and turn the heat up or down but without the fan, which is represented by the icon with two horizontal parallel bars.
  • For roasted meats, using the fan is great too, because the meat will get a golden appearance quickly. Unlike traditional ovens, the duration of the roast is shorter and you then cook the dish using a lower amount of fat.
When to Use an Oven Fan - Recommendations

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When to Use an Oven Fan