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How to Clean a Resin Shower Tray

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. December 2, 2021
How to Clean a Resin Shower Tray

As with any type of construction, bathrooms and bathroom fixtures go through different trends. Some of this is to do with aesthetic, but much of it is to do with materials and techniques. Some materials are no longer widely available, some are too expensive for common use and others have been shown to be inappropriate for various other reasons. This is one of the reasons mineral resin has been more commonly used to make shower trays. In many ways it is the ideal material. It is not too expensive, it has a natural feel, it can be molded into various shapes, it is very resistant to water damage and it is practically non-slip.

For a resin shower floor to be maintained it will need regular cleaning. Without it, the tray can become damaged and soiled, no longer being as useful as it once was. This is why oneHOWTO explains how to clean a resin shower tray at home. We show you both the products you will need to avoid damage and the step-by-step method of cleaning it effectively.

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  1. What are mineral resin shower trays?
  2. Neutral soap and water
  3. White vinegar and water
  4. Acetone and water

What are mineral resin shower trays?

Shower trays can be made from various materials. Some expensive ones may be made completely out of stone such as marble, others are cheaply made with tils and some type of plastic. Fiberglass and acrylic is a common method of making shower trays because it is easily molded and cheap.

Mineral resin shower trays are a type of shower floor which mixes natural minerals with organic resin. This creates a substance which is similar to stone in feel, but which has the properties of a more durable and waterproof material. This means mineral resin shower trays will last longer, feel better and look great, without being extortionate to buy.

Neutral soap and water

While our first method of cleaning resin shower trays may seem obvious, it is also very effective. We only need a clean cloth reserved exclusively for this task, a little neutral soap and a bucket of water to soak and rinse.

  1. The first thing we must do is locate where the dirt is in our resin shower tray.
  2. Once discovered, we must consider whether it is a moisture mark, it is a stain from some material or if it is embedded dirt. In the case where there is something embedded, it is recommended to run hot water over it to soften before cleaning.
  3. . Add liquid soap to a bucket of warm water. If the stain is hard to remove, we can add some soap directly to the area we want to clean, brush it into a lather and leave it for a while.
  4. Next, we moisten the cloth with the warm soapy water and begin to rub the shower tray clean.
  5. Once the stains and remains have disappeared, we rinse everything well with the cloth and then we finish by pouring a little water with the shower itself. Dry the mineral resin shower tray carefully.

If you want to clean a resin shower tray as part of a deep clean, check out our related tips on how to clean the bathroom floor.

White vinegar and water

If you have already tried with water and neutral soap and it hasn't worked, then you might need something tougher. This is a great home remedy for cleaning mineral resin shower trays because it uses natural, but effective ingredients. White vinegar can be bad for stone shower trays, especially marble. However, the resin should be durable and not react with the vinegar. Here's how you clean a resin shower tray with vinegar:

  1. In a bottle with a diffuser mix half water and half white or cleaning vinegar.
  2. We spray the mixture with the diffuser over the entire shower tray.
  3. It should be left to act for at least 15 minutes to soften and disinfect the surface.
  4. After time, with the help of a clean sponge, we must remove the remains by rubbing gently so as not to scratch the surface.
  5. We will finish by rinsing the shower tray with water to remove all the remains.
  6. When you dry it with a cloth you will be able to see how the traces of soap, lime and other dirt have been removed thanks to the vinegar.

We recommend reading on the differences between white vinegar and cleaning vinegar to see what is best for your needs.

How to Clean a Resin Shower Tray - White vinegar and water

Acetone and water

In the case of stains that are very difficult to remove, such as when you spill nail polish on a resin shower tray, you will need a solvent. This will break down the stain you want to remove. It needs to be aggressive, but something which won't react with the mineral resin. This is where acetone comes in. Ideally use an acetone specifically for cleaning surfaces rather than nail polish remover which may contain other ingredients.

  1. We must put the undiluted acetone in a diffuser bottle.
  2. We will spread the product on the shower tray, but paying special attention to the localized areas of the stains.
  3. It is important they do not stay for a long time since it has a very strong effect. Leaving the acetone on for 5 minutes will be plenty.
  4. We will remove and rub the product with the help of a clean cloth, ideally washing with a neutral soap afterwards.
  5. To remove the remains, we can use the shower itself to clean with plenty of water .
  6. We will dry with a cloth to avoid humidity and we will be able to see how even the most difficult stains have been eliminated.

Resin shower trays require more routine care than others to make them look like new. This is a small price to pay for the advantages they offer us, such as their durability, their non-slip function, their touch and their clear pleasing aesthetic. This means it is worth spending a little time every week cleaning it and avoiding the buildup of stains.

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How to Clean a Resin Shower Tray