How to Clean the Blades in Your Dishwasher

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Clean the Blades in Your Dishwasher

According to experts, it is advisable to extract your dishwasher blades twice a year so you can clean all the parts and, in turn, make sure the drainage apparatus is free from any dirt or food remains which do gather in there. Having perfectly clean blades will allow the dishwasher to function properly, leaving all the dishes free of any debris that might remain if the blades are not clean. It will also prevent your dishwasher from generating annoying bad smells. In this article on OneHowTo we go over how to clean the blades of your dishwasher so you can keep your appliance correctly functioning and clean and free of bacteria.

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Steps to follow:

First, remove the trays from the dishwasher to better access the interior.


After, you must remove the blades by exerting a little pressure or by unwinding the large plastic bolt that holds the structure together. You will see that each of the blades in your dishwasher has holes which is where the water comes out when the machine is in operation.

How to Clean the Blades in Your Dishwasher - Step 2

Once you've removed the blades, gently shake each of them and clean the holes. Depending on the brand of your dishwasher, the blades may be separated into more than one part. Try to disassemble them, clean them and then re-clean each one until you've removed all the dirt.


If stains persist, add tap water from the kitchen sink to the middle of the blade. It will help you thoroughly clean each instrument.


To make sure you thoroughly clean the blades in your dishwasher, check the cavity of each blade. Shake the blades vigorously, rinse thoroughly and rinse them again with water until you remove the last traces of dirt and filth.

How to Clean the Blades in Your Dishwasher - Step 5

Clean all the little slots in your dishwasher blades and do not forget to take this time to clean the drain in your dishwasher.


Finally, set each part of the appliance in place and try to run a wash program to make sure everything is in proper functioning order.

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How to Clean the Blades in Your Dishwasher
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How to Clean the Blades in Your Dishwasher

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