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How To Clean An Electric Kettle

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Clean An Electric Kettle

An electric kettle has become a popular kitchen tool these days. It boils water much faster than a steel kettle, it also does that more affordably by not requiring to use a microwave oven. If you are also using one of these devices, you must be concerned about how to clean an electric kettle. It cannot go into a dishwasher, neither can you hand-wash it. All that you can do is to rinse it out with water and wipe it off. Here at OneHowTo.com, we are going to discuss about some of the ways to clean an electric kettle.

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  1. Vinegar method
  2. Lemon slices method
  3. Lime water method
  4. Citric acid method
  5. Some tips to keep your electric kettle clean

Vinegar method

To clean an electric kettle properly, combine vinegar and water in equal amounts, and fill half of the kettle with this solution. Boil solution in the electric kettle and switch it off, allowing the mixture to stay for 15 minutes. Remove the kettle from the power outlet to prevent any accident. Pour away the solution and rinse the kettle with water. Rinse several times to ensure no vinegar traces are left in the appliance. Wipe the kettle with a clean cloth and allow it to dry. Once the kettle has dried, boil water in it once again to remove any remaining vinegar traces.

How To Clean An Electric Kettle - Vinegar method

Lemon slices method

You can put juiced lemon slices to great use with this method. Slice the fresh lemon peels, fill half the kettle with water, and add the lemon peels to it. Bring to a boil, keep boiling for 10-15 minutes, and leave to soak while allowing the water to cool down. Remove the lemon peels and drain the water from the appliance. Now, again, fill the kettle with water and keep boiling for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and wipe with a clean soft cloth.

How To Clean An Electric Kettle - Lemon slices method

Lime water method

Mix 30g of lime in 2 cups of plain water, add to the kettle, and boil for 20-25 minutes. Pour out the solution, unplug the appliance and allow to cool. Apply a little soda bicarbonate over a damp piece of cloth, and wipe off any remaining residues of hard water in the kettle. Rinse the kettle 3-4 times with water before putting it to use again.

Citric acid method

Fill half the kettle with water and boil it. Turn it off and add 1-2 tbsp of citric acid powder in it. Let the mixture sit in it for 15-20 minutes, and then throw away. Once you have descaled the residue with this method, you will have to scrub off the stubborn spots with a soft scrubber. Gently scrub the kettle’s inside, and rinse with plain water.

Some tips to keep your electric kettle clean

One important tip is to never leave water in the appliance after use. Standing water leaves mineral deposits which may get stuck up in the kettle surface. After every use, make sure to rinse the kettle thoroughly and wipe it off clean. Use any of these methods to clean your electric kettle at least once in a month, however it depends on the frequency of your use. As an electric kettle contains a heating element, never immerse it in water to wash.

How To Clean An Electric Kettle - Some tips to keep your electric kettle clean

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How To Clean An Electric Kettle