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How to Clean Plastic Tupperware

Giorgia Fantozzi
By Giorgia Fantozzi. January 13, 2023
How to Clean Plastic Tupperware

Tupperware storage containers have become almost indispensable to store food in the fridge. But also to take food to work whenever necessary. Taking a lunch box to the office is a common practice, with tupperware being one of the handiest options for most of us. We usually use them to store and transport foods with their sauces or dressings since tupperware tightly seals and prevents spillage.

It is essential to wash these airtight containers well after each use. It is an important measure of hygiene and also to keep them in good condition for longer. If you want your tupperware to be impeccable and always ready to receive and preserve the food, discover here how to clean plastic tupperware with oneHOWTO. Take note of some advice to keep them as good as new for many months.

  1. How to clean plastic tupperware properly
  2. Don't wait until you get home to rinse the tupperware
  3. Grooves and recesses
  4. Baking soda and vinegar
  5. Salt and lemon

How to clean plastic tupperware properly

The cleaning of plastic tupperware is simple and should be done as soon as possible after we have eaten from them. When the time comes, to clean it effectively you will have to carry out the following steps:

  1. With the help of the cutlery you have used, remove any leftover food. Also, go over it with a napkin to eliminate as much as possible small food particles and also possible liquids and adhered grease.

  2. Make a first rinse of the tupperware under the faucet, preferably with warm water. Rinse the container and also its lid.

  3. Take a soft, non-scratching scouring pad and put a drop of hand dishwashing soap on it. Wipe both the inside and the outside of the container and do not forget to clean both sides of the lid as well.

  4. Rinse again under the tap to remove the soap and dry carefully. Make sure that no drops of water remain.

This would be the correct cleaning process so that your plastic tupperware is in good conditions for use from one day to another. In case of stained areas or alterations to its original color, there are other tips to follow for a thorough cleaning that you will probably do at home. This is because it can be somewhat complicated at the workplace. Some practical tips to obtain the best results are:

How to Clean Plastic Tupperware - How to clean plastic tupperware properly

Don't wait until you get home to rinse the tupperware

Make sure that food leftovers remain in the tupperware as little time as possible. This is important to avoid the proliferation of harmful microorganisms. Also, stains and odors have less time to leave their ‘footprint’ inside the container.

Grooves and recesses

When wiping the entire food storage container with a soft scouring pad or sponge, pay special attention to the most difficult spots. Dirt can accumulate in the corners or the grooves of the lid.

How to Clean Plastic Tupperware - Grooves and recesses

Baking soda and vinegar

Stains on plastic tupperware are not always easy to remove. Those that come to produce very specific ingredients like sauce or stews that use tomato. Also spices such as paprika or curry are likely to stain.

Baking soda is an effective and simple remedy to remove them. It makes the plastic tupperware recover its appearance again in a matter of minutes. You only have to mix a large spoonful of baking soda with a little water to form a paste that you can spread inside the food storage container.

Apply the mixture with the help of a sponge, rub and let the baking soda act for a few minutes. Rinse with plenty of warm water and you will see that the stains have disappeared. Or at least they have been reduced significantly.

Vinegar has whitening and anti-bacterial properties. It is also a powerful ally when it comes to keeping your plastic tuppers in good conditions.

Do a basic cleaning of your tupperware as we have indicated. You can use water and a soapy solution. But, in addition, to keep them free of stains, once a week put a few tablespoons of vinegar in the container. Let it act for a couple of hours, rinse with water and dry well. You will see that vinegar works!

Do you need to clean more than just the food storage contained? You may be interested in our article on how to use baking soda for stains.

How to Clean Plastic Tupperware - Baking soda and vinegar

Salt and lemon

Lemon is also a really effective natural remedy for cleaning your tupperware. If you notice that the tupper you take to work has a translucent tone cut a lemon and rub one half of it all over the inside. Let the citrus juice act for a couple of hours, then rinse and dry. To also eliminate any possible retained odor, keep the tupper closed and with a few grains of coarse salt inside. The next morning, it will be perfectly ready to receive the new food.

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How to Clean Plastic Tupperware