How To Get Rid Of Smells From Plastic Food Containers

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: December 3, 2018
How To Get Rid Of Smells From Plastic Food Containers

Plastic food containers are available in all different shapes, sizes and colors, and they are indispensable parts of any kitchen and household. Another benefit to using plastic containers is that they are much cheaper and safer than glass containers, because they don't break as easily. But when they get old, no matter how hard you scrub them, they start smelling a little stale. Your instinct might say that it’s time to ditch that container, but this is not entirely necessary. Here at OneHOWTO we will tell you how to get rid of smells from plastic containers.

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How to get rid of smell in plastic containers

Take a look at these suggestions below on how to clean and get rid of the smell in your plastic containers;

  • Empty your container and rinse with cool water. Don’t rinse with hot water, as it may cause the stains and the odor to set in more. After rinsing the Tupperware with cool water, fill the container with warm water and then add a tbsp of baking soda in it. Baking soda serves as a great odor removal ingredient. Close the lid and leave overnight. Rinse the container the next morning with cool water again, and there you gop, fresh as new!
  • Rub lemon juice or a slice of lemon on the inner side of the container. Note that the abundant citric acid found in lemon is a very strong odor eliminator.
  • Vanilla extract has a pleasant but powerful smell that you can use to mask the bad smell of your container. Pour some water in your plastic container and add a few drops of vanilla extract. Close the lid and let it sit for several hours. Leaving vanilla inside the container will permeate and remove the bad smells.
  • Vinegar is a great deodorizing agent. Fill the container with a mixture of cold water and vinegar and let it sit overnight. Repeat the process if needed.
  • Clean the plastic container in a dishwasher for a full cycle (ensuring that it is dishwasher safe). Make sure that you place the container on the top rack of the dishwasher to avoid damage.
  • Tough odors can be removed by placing a small piece of charcoal inside the container. Seal the lid and let it sit for a couple of days. Charcoal is known to absorb the smell and leave the container smelling fresh without any added unpleasant odors. Make sure that the charcoal you are using is natural, and is not made with mesquite or additives.
  • Salt is a great absorbing agent that you can also use to absorb odors. Take a tsp of salt and add it into the container. Place a big lump of salt in the middle of the container, cover the lid and leave overnight. In the morning, rinse it with water.
  • Bleach is an effective chemical in removing stains from plastic containers. Not only does it rid the container of smell, but it also kills off any present microorganisms. Mix half water and half bleach in a bowl, and allow your container to soak in it for 3-4 hours. Later, wash with water.
  • Surprisingly, newspapers are also effective in absorbing bad smells from plastic containers. Take a few sheets of newspaper, tear and crumple them and place them inside the container. Cover the lid and leave for a couple of days. The paper will soak up the bad smell and leave it smelling fresh. Don’t forget to wash the container before using it, as newspapers aren't generally very clean.
  • Coffee grounds are also very effective in absorbing smells. After you make yourself a cup of coffee, collect the used coffee grounds and pour them into the smelly plastic container. Note that used coffee grounds are better and more powerful than using new ones. Cover the lid and let sit for a day. After that, rinse with water and soap.
  • One of the simplest methods to get rid of smells from plastic containers is to leave them in the sunlight for an entire day. Open your container and leave the container and its lid in a sunny area of your backyard. Sunlight has excellent odor removing abilities. By the evening, the direct sunlight would have allowed the container to air out and get rid of any apparent smells. If you don’t have access to direct sunlight, you can also place your container on the windowsill. Make sure that the window you are using receives sunlight.
How To Get Rid Of Smells From Plastic Food Containers - How to get rid of smell in plastic containers

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How To Get Rid Of Smells From Plastic Food Containers
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How To Get Rid Of Smells From Plastic Food Containers

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