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How to Clean PVC Blinds

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Clean PVC Blinds

When manufacturing blinds, the most widely used material is PVC or plastic. Durability, strength and protection are some of this material's characteristics which have made it perfect for the manufacturing of pipes, windows, packaging and even toys. What's more, it's a material that is easy to clean thanks to its properties, which means that PVC is present in many households. If you also have plastic blinds and want them to gleam on your windows, read the following article.

Below, we give you tips so you can learn how to clean PVC blinds and keep your windows clear of dust and dirt, both inside and out, with these effective tips. Remember that if you don't clean the blinds well and with some regularity, this may cause dirt to settle on your windows. So, to day, you will learn how to clean PVC blinds. Take note!

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Steps to follow:


PVC is a very easy material and it is very easy to keep it in perfect condition. To perform a deep clean, you just need a feather duster or a brush, mild detergent and water. You can look after your plastic blinds perfectly with these simple products.

How to Clean PVC Blinds - Step 1

As always, before starting a deep cleaning of your blinds, you should get rid of all superficial dirt. In order to achieve this, it is recommended that you work with the blinds closed so it's easier to remove dust. You can use a feather duster or a brush to carry out this task. However, if you have a large window and it's difficult to reach all of the blind, a vacuum cleaner can help.


If your window is made from slats, remember to clean them one by one. This way you will ensure that there is no dust left in any nooks and crannies on your blind. Remember to use a feather duster or a dry cloth to catch all dirt.


The time has arrived to thoroughly clean your window. If your PVC blind is removable, this task will be much easier. If so, you can clean the blind easily in a tub or a large basin containing warm water and a splash of mild detergent.


Leave the blind to soak for a few minutes, so you loosen any dirt and dust. If you can see that some embedded dirt has remained, you can scrub it with the help of a sponge. Then, wipe a cloth over the slats to remove any remaining residue. Once they are dry, you can put the PVC blind back in place.

How to Clean PVC Blinds - Step 5

If you can't remove your PVC blind, scrub the slats with a mixture of warm water and soap. To properly clean every corner, pass the sponge over the closed blind first and then afterwards on the blind whilst it's open. This method will take a little longer but it is just as effective.


To finish cleaning your PVC blinds, it is recommended that you apply a specific cleaner for this type of material. This will not only achieve a brilliant result, but will also create a barrier that will help the slats to retain less dust. You can find these special cleaning products in specialised hardware shops or in any supermarket.


Whatever material your blinds are made of, remember that you need to clean them thoroughly at least twice a year to keep your blinds in perfect condition. You can perform your weekly clean using a duster, brush or a wet cloth. That way, they won't accumulate so much dirt and the cleaning task will be much easier and faster. Try it!

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How to Clean PVC Blinds - Step 8

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How to Clean PVC Blinds