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How to Clean a Mosquito Screen

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. May 9, 2024
How to Clean a Mosquito Screen

Mosquito screens are a netted screen which covers your doors and windows to stop these insects entering. They have a fine mesh which allows air to enter a room, but hopefully no unwelcome winged guests. Unfortunately, being outside the home, they are exposed to the elements and can accumulate a lot of dirt. Fortunately, cleaning mosquito nets and screens is no hard task. Using some simple household cleaners, you will be able to bring them up to code and make sure your house is both clean and free from bugs. oneHOWTO provides the tips and tricks you need to know how to clean a mosquito screen.

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  1. What is needed to clean mosquito screens?
  2. How to clean removable mosquito screens
  3. How to clean fixed mosquito screens
  4. Other tips for cleaning mosquito screens

What is needed to clean mosquito screens?

To clean mosquito nets, you must consider their material in order to choose the best product. Although mosquito screens are designed to be resistant, you should avoid using products that are too aggressive. In addition, it is worth taking into account where the screens are located and whether you need to remove them first. To clean your mosquito screens, you will need:

  • Sponge: this must be rough enough to remove built-on dirt, but not so that it scratches the material. It is often faster to moisten the mosquito net first with a damp cloth or using the hose directly. If you spray the mesh, make sure you do it away from the home.
  • Some liquid soap: this should be strong, but not so much that it harms the material or removes paint. Dish soap that has been diluted in water is usually sufficient. Other options include castile soap or other types of mild household cleaner.

To clean the frame and corners, it is advisable to use a cloth to reach the most hidden or difficult areas. You can use an old toothbrush that is no longer need to get any built in dirt. The small bristles are soft enough to go through the mesh. The mosquito screen must be dried well afterwards so that moisture is not absorbed into the material, especially if it has a wooden frame.

If it is a mosquito net that is very weathered, you could mix 1 cup of ammonia and 2 cups of water. If this chemical is used, care should be taken. Good ventilation must be available at the cleaning site if using this product. When ammonia is used, it is advisable to remove the chemical with the hose or a sponge. You should then let it dry before proceeding to close the window. It is not recommended to use dry cloths to dry the mosquito net because the lint they contain can become enmeshed in the material.

In case your mosquito screen frame is made from it, learn whether you can clean stainless steel with ammonia.

How to Clean a Mosquito Screen - What is needed to clean mosquito screens?

How to clean removable mosquito screens

If you are wanting to know how to clean your mosquito screen, it is important to know that fixed and removable types have different cleaning methods. If you have the removable kind, the process of cleaning them is much simpler. The difficulty might only be in reassembling them if they are tricky. To clean removable mosquito screens:

  1. The mosquito net must be disassembled very carefully to prevent dirt from coming off and ending up staining the wall or any object that is nearby.
  2. Once it has been disassembled, it is taken to the garden and moistened in a tub. It is recommended to use water with liquid soap. Wash it off with the hose until no traces of the detergent remain.
  3. Let the screen dry completely in the sun.

If you have a mosquito screen, you likely live in a warm climate. It is best to wait until a sunny day to clean your mosquito screens as this will help them to dry much more quickly.

Learn more about the types of mosquito nets for doors and windows with our related guide.

How to Clean a Mosquito Screen - How to clean removable mosquito screens

How to clean fixed mosquito screens

As mentioned above, fixed mosquito nets, are less easy to clean. Some care must be taken, especially when rubbing the mesh with the sponge and warm water:

  • Since cleaning cannot be done in an open space, it is recommended to use a cloth to wipe away moisture. Failure to do so will likely also damage the frame to which the mesh is attached.
  • Regarding how to clean roll-up mosquito nets which are often fixed, it is best to use a sponge and dishwashing soap. The degreaser effect will help to facilitate the process.
  • In areas where more dirt has accumulated, you can use a brush with soft bristles. You will need to moisten it with soap and water. This is done carefully to avoid breaking the mosquito net. With an unused toothbrush you can clean the corners.
How to Clean a Mosquito Screen - How to clean fixed mosquito screens

Other tips for cleaning mosquito screens

We have explained the basics of how to clean mosquito screens, but always remember the following:

  • Make sure to remove excess soap. If this is not done, a film of dirt will form which will be more difficult to remove later.
  • It is also suggested to use a lint-free cloth to dry the mesh.
  • Sheets of newspaper can be placed around or on the floor to prevent dirt from spreading.
  • Another trick to remove dust from the mosquito net is to use a handheld vacuum cleaner before proceeding with deep cleaning. This will simplify the process and make it faster. When the mosquito net is moistened, dirt will come off more easily.
  • If ammonia is used, the time in which the mosquito net must be submerged is only 5 minutes. When you remove it, it will be almost clean. All that remains is to remove the product, eliminate excess moisture and reassemble.

Now that you know how to clean mosquito screens, you can learn some basic guidelines on tricks to avoid mosquito bites in general.

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How to Clean a Mosquito Screen