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How to Clean the Outside Shutters

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Clean the Outside Shutters

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the home is, without a doubt, cleaning your shutters. While it is not done routinely, you should clean and repair them to ensure they are in perfect condition, especially after the heavy rain storms. We pay a lot of attention to the dirt inside the house but the truth is that on the outside dirt also accumulates and it needs to be cleaned periodically. To help you, on OneHowTo we have some tips for you to learn how to clean your shutters the best way possible. Pay attention to the following article and you'll end up with windows that are simply perfect, both inside and out. You'll be blown away with the results.

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Steps to follow:


The outside part of the shutter is a dirt trap as it is generally collects dust, pollen, insects, leaves, crud... Moreover, they are often inaccessible parts, so the maintenance task becomes even more laborious. You must spend time and have patience when cleaning out your dirty shutters. It will not be a quick job, so you should take it easy if you want the perfect result.


Before doing any cleaning work on the exterior of your house, you must make sure that there is no major risk. As we've already mentioned, cleaning your dirty shutters becomes a more difficult task because access to the outside as a whole is almost impossible. The important thing is to not put your life in danger, for example if you live on a high floor or your shutters are too inaccessible.

How to Clean the Outside Shutters - Step 2

In the event that the inaccessibility prevents you from cleaning the shutters from the outside, we have a solution for you. You must search and locate the housing box, the part where the shutter is wound up and stored when not in use. Generally, you will find at the top of the window and you can easily access it from your own home without taking unnecessary risks.


Disassemble the box in which the drum is located which will usually be bolted. Once you have managed to open this part, you'll easily be able to clean the parts of the blind that are housed inside. Patience is a virtue. You have to clean the bars one by one to ensure that everything is squeaky clean. It is a laborious task, but it's better to do it this way as opposed to falling to your death.

How to Clean the Outside Shutters - Step 4

When you're working hard on cleaning each piece, remember to get the job done effectively and successfully. You'll probably find more dirt accumulated in the slots.


To clean the shutters you can use a soap and water mixture. Of course, whenever you're done with each of the units, run a dry cloth along them to remove any moisture that may damage the material of the shutter. Moreover, in this way you avoid leaving marks and the dust will not stick on again quite so easily.


And that's all, you have an effective method that clean your shutters easily and efficiently. In case you feel is too complicated and perhaps an arduous task for you, you can always call a professional cleaning team. Above all, do not take unnecessary risks.

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  • Once removed from the drum you can vacuum the unit or use a duster to remove dirt too.
  • Maybe it's time to work over that shutter with some oil. This type of maintenance will not be an everyday chore. Enjoy it!
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Georgia B
Thanks for the tip on drying the shutters off after cleaning them! I would've just let them air dry, but I think that just ends up leaving them to attract more dust again. Drying them off immediately after cleaning would make it so you need to clean them less often!
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How to Clean the Outside Shutters