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How to Clean Wood Blinds

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 25, 2021
How to Clean Wood Blinds

Each material requires the appropriate cleaning products that have adapted to avoid any damage and to bring back their shine. It's important to keep this advice in mind when carrying out cleaning anywhere in our homes. On multiple windows, it is common to find venetian blinds, which need a specific cleaning procedure. In this case, we're talking about how to clean wood blinds. Wood is a material that requires special care. If you want to keep the good image and appearance of your blinds, pay attention to this OneHowTo article where you'll find tips and tricks for when you clean your Venetian blinds.

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Steps to follow:


If you think of wooden shutters, you easily think of those Venetian style blinds. They are beautiful and they get to give your home a different style, a slight rustic twist. However, being made of wood, they need specific cleaning care, so that they are very clean and maintained in a perfect condition.


Such shutters are created with strips of wood and special material (varnish or dye) that protects them and which can be deformed or stained depending on the product used for cleaning. That is the peculiarity of this type of blinds and, therefore, you must take care with the cleaning products you use to perform this task.

How to Clean Wood Blinds - Step 2

To begin the task of cleaning your wooden blinds, the first thing you should do is remove any dust that is on them. To do this, we recommend using a feather duster or a dry cloth. This is a job which should be performed once a week, because it is the easiest way to remove surface dirt and to improve the appearance of your blinds.

How to Clean Wood Blinds - Step 3

If during the first round of cleaning, you find a spot that does not go away, it is best to rub it gently with a paper towel. It is important that you do not do so too hard as you may end up flaking the varnish or the paint on the blind and that damages the wood. If you do not remove the stain and if it persists for days, you can try a special cleaner for wood. Of course, never apply it directly on to the wood. It's best to spray it on a cloth and then rub it gently onto the material until the stain disappears.


To make sure the cleaning is deep and perfect, you must clean all the individual blinds. Work from top to bottom, as dirt can fall downwards. Once you have them all done and dusted, you can close the blinds so they are smooth and then finish the cleaning with a brush, a dry cloth or a duster.


What is important to make sure your wood blind is always clean and in perfect condition is to try to avoid the use of nasty chemicals. Such products can damage your blinds and cause them to look bad. This damage can only be repaired by a complete change of blinds.


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How to Clean Wood Blinds