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How to Get Ribena Out of the Carpet

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Get Ribena Out of the Carpet

Having a carpet at home is a necessity more than a luxury. It keeps your interiors warm and cozy, and at the same time enhances the aesthetics of your sweet home. But at times, you may have encountered the horrifying moment when you send Ribena flying on your yellow carpet, or some guest spills a glass full on it. Some people manage to hide the stain by rearranging their furniture, while others start looking for a new carpet out of despair. But some wise and informed people know how to get Ribena out of the carpet. Read this oneHOWTO article to find out how to tackle such a depressing situation easily.

  1. Use beer
  2. Sponge with ammonia
  3. Try vinegar
  4. Apply shaving cream
  5. Use cornstarch
  6. White wine and salt

Use beer

To get a Ribena stain out of the carpet may seem to be impossible, but it may be literally lifted out if you pour some beer on top of it and then rub it lightly into the carpet. With proper pressure and scrubbing, there are chances that it would quickly disappear. If the stain does not go on the first attempt, repeat the process 2-3 more times to remove every trace of the Ribena stain.

Sponge with ammonia

Make a cleaning solution by mixing 2 liters of warm water with 1 cup of clear ammonia. Use a sponge to rub the solution on the Ribena stain. Let it dry properly and repeat if required. The stain will most likely be removed with 2-3 sincere attempts. Click here to know How to Use Ammonia to Clean Carpets.

Try vinegar

When it comes to removing Ribena or any other kind of stain from your carpet,vinegar always proves to be the super-hero. Make a mixture of 2 tbsp salt and ½ cup white vinegar, and rub lightly on the stain. Let is dry and then vacuum. If it is a large stain, you can also add 2 tbsp of borax to this mixture, and use similarly.

How to Get Ribena Out of the Carpet - Try vinegar

Apply shaving cream

If someone happened to spill Ribena on your expensive carpet, make the condition better by applying some shaving cream right on the stain. Blot it, use a wet piece of sponge to pat it, and squirt shaving cream over it. Then use another damp sponge piece to wipe it clean. In addition to Ribena, shaving cream can also be effective in removing stains of oil and grease.

How to Get Ribena Out of the Carpet - Apply shaving cream

Use cornstarch

Take some split milk and add a tsp of cornstarch to it. Apply this paste on the Ribena stain, allow it to dry for a few hours, brush off its dried residue left behind on the carpet, and then vacuum. Make sure to sprinkle the cornstarch mixture liberally on the stain, and let it sit untouched for several hours until it dries up completely. If you try to rub off when it is still wet, it may further worsen the condition by spreading the stain.

White wine and salt

Don’t panic when you spill Ribena on your carpet. While the Ribena is still wet, quickly pour a few drops of white wine on it to dilute its color. Then use a sponge dipped in cold water to clean the area. Now sprinkle some salt on the spot and wait for 10 minutes, and then vacuum the entire mess. Make sure that you rub right in the direction of the carpet’s natural nap. Keep repeating the process until the stain goes away completely.

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How to Get Ribena Out of the Carpet