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How to Look After Jasmine in Winter

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Look After Jasmine in Winter

When winter arrives jasmine enters a stage of lethargy or rest. Therefore, if you have jasmines at home you should take appropriate measures to ensure that your plant remains in perfect order. It will not be enough for you to simply know how to care for a jasmine plant, but you will need to know the specific needs of this plant during the cold season of the year.

And so, in OneHowTo we explain in detail how to look after jasmine in winter so you can keep these plants strong and healthy throughout the year, and have them looking beautiful during blooming season.

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Steps to follow:


Firstly, it is important that you know that jasmines are flowers from tropical regions and, therefore, do not tolerate very low temperatures well. That is why in countries with marked differences in temperatures between seasons it is necessary to carry out specific actions to keep the jasmine from dying in winter.


Furthermore, with the exception of winter jasmine, you must keep in mind that in general it flourishes from spring to autumn and, therefore, in winter it has a kind of lethargy season, similar to that of an animal in hibernation.


Winter will be an appropriate season to prune the jasmine plant so later new branches will grow. Withdraw all the leaves and dried branches, as well as those which have an ill or weak appearance. It will also be important to avoid jasmines growing too densely, so sunlight can also reach the center of the plant.


Likewise, if you have your jasmine plant in the garden or other outer space, you must protect them from frost and intense cold. Therefore, if they are potted, you can bring them in to your home or, for example, to the garage or internal courtyard; while, on the other hand, if they are directly on the soil or large pots that you cannot move, you must protect them with a plastic to mimic the effect of a greenhouse.

Before taking the plant back inside, feed it liquid fertilizer so it gets used to the outdoors once more.


Among the care we offer the jasmine in winter, we should point out that we must reduce watering, often watering just once a week being enough. Remember to not wet jasmine flowers as it ruins them.

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  • Remember if you have a winter jasmine they can even flourish during winter
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How to Look After Jasmine in Winter