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How to Make a Bedroom Look Expensive

Alice T Breeze
By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make a Bedroom Look Expensive

Our bedroom is our sanctuary, so it's pretty normal to want to feel as if you were the queen or king of the castle when you're about to rest. If you want to turn your bedroom in an expensive-looking room then look no further.

You don't need to be rich to upgrade your room, just a few simple changes will make a difference when it comes to decorating your bedroom, no matter the size of it or what your budget is. Pay attention to this OneHowTo article where we'll give you the best tips so you know how to make a bedroom look expensive, classy and chic.

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  1. Look into what's in fashion at the moment
  2. Invest in a statement piece
  3. Clever upcycling
  4. The bed
  5. The Walls
  6. Lighting
  7. Decoration

Look into what's in fashion at the moment

The first step to make a bedroom look expensive is to do some research on the latest trends in home decor so you're up to date with the latest fashion. Don't add all the trends in your room or it will quickly look outdated in a year or two. Get the general idea of what's in to feel like you're in a celebrity's room.

How to Make a Bedroom Look Expensive - Look into what's in fashion at the moment

Invest in a statement piece

One of the reasons you should look into magazines is to find your statement piece. It's OK to spend a little more money on one item that will be the star of your bedroom. A beautiful designer mirror, an original chandelier or a romantic chaise longue will upgrade your bedroom more than you think.

Just this one item will be the star of your room whilst the rest is kept more low-key.

How to Make a Bedroom Look Expensive - Invest in a statement piece

Clever upcycling

Another way to upgrade your room is to use old furniture and give it a new lease of life. What may seem like an outdated set of drawers may give your room more class with just by distressing, a layer of paint or by changing the nobs or handles. Try to find bargain secondhand furniture if you don't own any old pieces.

Another option to upcycle material and make your own personalized furniture, especially if you are pretty good at DIY. For example, you can make a DIY bedside table with pallets or create personalized picture frames to hang on your walls.

How to Make a Bedroom Look Expensive - Clever upcycling

The bed

Now, the bed is definitely the center of the bedroom so it's also important to make it look expensive too. Make sure your bed is full of cushions in different sizes, making sure the pattern on them matches the sheets too, which should be in a light color so they are not difficult to combine. Add a soft rug at the feet of your bed for the perfect touch to your luxurious resting spot.

How to Make a Bedroom Look Expensive - The bed

The Walls

There's no need to invest much money on your walls either. Keep the walls pretty empty, add just one or two frames on one wall, but don't fill all four of them.

If you want to repaint, stick to neutral colors that will never become out of date and give you a sense of relaxation such as light brown, white, cream... To add a bit more personality, leave all walls white but one. Use some pretty wallpaper or paint the remaining wall in a neutral color.

An expensive bed always has a headboard, so make sure you add a big wooden headboard to frame this space or make your own by taking a look at our article on how to make a headboard for a bed.

How to Make a Bedroom Look Expensive - The Walls


Lighting also plays an important part in making your bedroom look stunning. Apart from using white curtains so the light comes in. Create at least two different lighting sets as well as the main lighting.

To do so, use two bedside table lights and use a foot lamp to illuminate another area of the room such as an auxiliary table and an armchair to create the illusion of having more than one space in the same room.

How to Make a Bedroom Look Expensive - Lighting


Last but not least, decoration is highly important. Keep it simple but know how to combine different elements. A vase with flowers in it next to a frame with a nice drawing or collage leaning on the wall will make the world of difference.

Gold and silver elements are great to make your room look more expensive, but it's important to use these colors wisely or you'll run the risk of making your room look tacky.

Candles also give your room more elegance, so create a combination of several sized candles surrounded with potpourri or put one in a beautiful candle holder.

How to Make a Bedroom Look Expensive - Decoration

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  • If you want your bedroom to always look your best, make sure you keep your bedroom tidy and make sure there's nothing lying on the surfaces or floors.
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How to Make a Bedroom Look Expensive