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How To Make A Cheap Headboard For A Bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make A Cheap Headboard For A Bed

Are you on a low budget and looking for ideas for the headboard of your bed? This is an element that brings personality to your room and you can create designs that are truly original that will give a unique touch to your bed. And it is possible to build them ourselves at home without spending too much, so do not wait to discover how to make cheap bed headboards for a bed.

  1. Bamboo headboards
  2. Headboards with pallets
  3. Cushion headboards
  4. Headboards with photos
  5. Child bed headboards
  6. A headboard without a headboard

Bamboo headboards

A very original idea to make your own bed headboard is to use a very fashionable natural material: bamboo. You just need enough for the reeds to cover the entire width of the bed; you can tie them together or secure them with a permanent adhesive that keeps them together.

If you do not want to keep the original bamboo color because it does not match the rest of the decor of the room, you can choose to paint the sticks a color that suits you, such as white.

Bamboo is a very versatile material, so take a look at all the ways in which you can decorate with bamboo.

How To Make A Cheap Headboard For A Bed - Bamboo headboards

Headboards with pallets

Another common option to make recycled furniture is to use a pallet, that is, the wooden structures that are used in stores and warehouses to transport boxes and other goods. This is a very economical idea to make the headboard of your bed yourself and with very few resources.

Sand the pallet to remove any splinters and avoid hurting yourself, then give it a layer of primer in order to prevent damage. Finally, you can choose to paint it the color you like and then anchor it to the wall where you want the head of your bed to be.

How To Make A Cheap Headboard For A Bed - Headboards with pallets
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Cushion headboards

Related to resting time, pillows can also serve to build a cheap bed headboard. Choose one or more shades of color or a pattern that you like and combine as many cushions as necessary to cover the width of the bed; make it as tall as you want.

When hanging them on the wall, we recommend building a structure with wooden slats where you can secure them with staples. You can place the cushions next to each other without them touching or have them overlap slightly so you don't see the wall.

How To Make A Cheap Headboard For A Bed - Cushion headboards

Headboards with photos

If you want to customize your bedroom, we recommend using photos to make a cheap headboard. Highly recommended for lovers of photography but suitable for anyone who wants to turn their room into an original and creative space.

Find one or many images to use as a headboard; the options are endless: many small photos, two occupying half of the headboard each, a single large picture... What do you prefer?

How To Make A Cheap Headboard For A Bed - Headboards with photos

Child bed headboards

And if you're looking for how to make cheap bed headboards for children, at OneHowTo we have some different ideas:

  • Wooden planks with fancy designs: castles, butterflies, flowers, etc.
  • Photo frames
  • A headboard of pool noodles, which are normally used as a flotation device.
How To Make A Cheap Headboard For A Bed - Child bed headboards

A headboard without a headboard

If you like the idea of having a headboard but are not that bothered about having the real thing behind your neck, then an idea is to paint a headboard on the wall in the color and shape you prefer.

You can also use vinyl stickers to decorate the wall behind you. There are many options on the market that depict headboards and that are meant for this purpose.

If you need more advice to decorate your bedroom, visit our article on how to decorate master bedroom walls.

How To Make A Cheap Headboard For A Bed - A headboard without a headboard

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How To Make A Cheap Headboard For A Bed