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How to Create Hygge for Christmas - Decoration Tips for the Holidays

Jane Bertin
By Jane Bertin. Updated: June 3, 2018
How to Create Hygge for Christmas - Decoration Tips for the Holidays

Christmas has always been about spending time together with your loved ones, and no lifestyle trend can change that. However, discovering new decor trends and concepts like hygge can actually make the cozy Christmas experience so much better!

If you're looking for decoration tips for the holidays to get a warm, glowing atmosphere at home you've come to the right place. Stay with us at oneHOWTO to discover how to create hygge for Christmas. You'll love it!

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Steps to follow:


"Hygge" is a concept from Danish culture that can roughly be translated as "cozy togetherness", or "comfort together". In Denmark people enjoy hygge all year round, but it is an especially useful concept for Christmas to create an oasis from the winter cold and dark outside.

In this article we explained how to create hygge and how can it help you with general lifestyle tips. Now, we will discuss how to create hygge for Christmas through decoration tips and activity ideas.

Hyggelig activities for Christmas

  • Gather the family for a long board game.
  • Read a storybook out loud for the children, or share poems with the grownups.
  • A jam session, from carols to folk songs, can also create hygge.
  • Make Christmas ornaments with waste or recycled materials.
  • Put up the Christmas ornaments with a good seasonal playlist in the background.
  • Host a baking session with your friends. This is the most hygge activity for Christmas we can think of - it includes quality time with others, pleasant smells, comfort food...
  • Go for a good walk outside, visit the Christmas market - like the one in the picture - or go ice skating. Your home will feel especially warm and hyggelig when you get back.
  • Have a hot drink with your loved ones. Depending on their age and tastes, you can have hot chocolate, mulled wine, and of course gløgg, a Danish mulled wine spiced with almonds and raisins.

If you talk to anyone from Denmark, they'll tell you hygge is about spending a pleasant time with others. Heated discussions and debate are usually not encouraged, but that's all up to you and your friends' interests!

How to Create Hygge for Christmas - Decoration Tips for the Holidays - Step 1

How to create hygge for Christmas: A warm atmosphere

  • Light candles, tea lights and lanterns. We recommend plain unscented candles, as the smell can be overpowering, but vanilla, apple or fir scents can be both hygge and Christmas-y.
  • String up fairy lights. Christmas lights tend to be colorful, but Nordic aesthetic tends to be more minimalist. We recommend gold or white fairy lights instead. Here you can find ideas for decorating with fairy lights.
  • Put lights or candles in mason jars. The glow and the glass make a beautiful combination, and it's a great and affordable way to create hygge! Here you can learn how to make hanging mason jar candle holders.
  • A Danish Christmas tradition involves counting down the days until Christmas Eve with a candle that is lit everyday for a short while, like an advent calendar. You can use any candle for that, but they usually come with numbers inscribed on them. Decorate the Christmas candle with a touch of glitter and a bed of moss or tree bark.
  • Give your home a final seasonal and hygge touch with hanging glass balls, ribbons, drapings and star-shaped ornaments. As always, we recommend light and golden shades instead of too obvious reds and greens.
How to Create Hygge for Christmas - Decoration Tips for the Holidays - Step 2

How to create hygge for Christmas: A cozy atmosphere

  • Make sure there are enough pillows, throws and blankets for everyone - and for possible visits. Hygge is not only about spiritual comfort, but also about physical coziness and well-being.
  • Stock up on fluffy knit socks and seasonal Christmas sweaters. They make great Christmas Eve box presents as well!
  • Have you accepted the fact that onesies are not only for children? This all-in-one pajama, robe and blanket can make just relaxing on the sofa a hygge-filled experience.

How to create hygge for Christmas: What to cook for a hyggelig Christmas

In Denmark, Christmas is usually celebrated with a big, roast-full dinner for Christmas Eve. On December the 25th, Danes have "Julefrokost", or Christmas Day lunch. This is certainly a hygge-filled occasion, as people gather for a more informal event over open-faced sandwiches and spiced or herbal snaps.

However, you can host cooking or baking sessions on the days counting down to Christmas for a full-season hygge experience. We recommend Danish treats such as:

  • Marzipan bits - what about covering them in chocolate?
  • Cardamom buns, perfect for the coldest days.
  • Pepperkaker: Spiced gingerbread, a true Christmas classic.
  • Æbleskiver: Spherical pancakes or doughnuts served with jam and powdered sugar.
  • Mince pies: Mince pies are not Danish, but they're seasonal, spiced and warm, which is perfect to create hygge.
  • Comfort food: Winter in Denmark is harsh, and people eat plenty of roasted meat and vegetables like cabbage, sprouts and turnips. You can also make other sorts of winter food like fritters or terrines.
How to Create Hygge for Christmas - Decoration Tips for the Holidays - Step 4

These have been our decoration tips and ideas on how to create hygge for Christmas.

Do you have any advice on what to make and what to put up for a cozy, Nordic-inspired Christmas with your loved ones? Tell us in the comments section!

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How to Create Hygge for Christmas - Decoration Tips for the Holidays