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How to Create Hygge and How Can It Help You

Jane Bertin
By Jane Bertin. Updated: June 3, 2018
How to Create Hygge and How Can It Help You

If you're into design or lifestyle blogs, you'll probably have heard about hygge - pronounced "hooga". This concept is tightly linked to Danish culture, and it means something like "coziness", "comfort" and "togetherness". It's not only about interior design, but also about being with others, sharing experiences and developing relationships; it's probably why Denmark is always so high in the list of happiest countries.

Hygge, as a lifestyle, is perfect for the fall and winter, as it's about getting the most light and warmth, especially at home. However, hygge is not something you have but rather something that you feel, or are. Stay with us at OneHowTo and learn how to create hygge and how can it help you be happier without spending or worrying much.

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Steps to follow:


How to create hygge with interior design:

Nordic interior design is well-known, and with good reason. Most hyggelig homes in Denmark have a simple, minimalist design; hygge is about humility and leaving workaday worries and ambitions behind. It's about comfort, not extravagance.

You can have a cozy and innovative home on a budget; you only need to create a hearty ambiance. You don't actually need to buy anything to create hygge at home; take some time to declutter and rearrange what you already have. What about giving a layer of white or golden brown paint to that wall, or distressing your wooden furniture?

However, if you want to remake your home thoroughly with hygge in mind and you have the budget to do so, make sure you invest in having a sustainable home with thick wide windows and renewable energy sources- and if you can, throw in a real fireplace to the mix. Denmark is known for its environmental policies, and Danes cycle everywhere - take a page from their book!

A hyggelig home glows even in the darkest time of winter. If you do not get enough natural light at home, try rearranging mirrors to reflect it more. Create nooks where you feel comfortable, spaces that are just for yourself.

Hygge homes are usually rustic, with some antiques thrown in, and made up in neutral or golden palettes, but there's no need to follow what magazines say. "Coziness" is very personal, and hygge depends on your tastes; you can be colorful if you like.

Hygge is also an intention, and you can apply it to open spaces. Do you have a backyard where you meet your family for barbecues, or a favorite tree in the park where you lay down and read? That is also hygge.

How to Create Hygge and How Can It Help You - Step 1

How to create hygge with decoration:

As we said, you can get hygge by creating warm and glowing spaces where you can spend time with others simply being together. Hygge homes look clean and orderly, but also comfortable and lived-in - nothing like the neutral design you see in hotel chains.

The most important advice to get hygge in your interior decor is to play with light and textures.

  • Candles: The most important element in any hyggelig home - not everyone can have a fireplace! We recommend using toxin-free candles made by local artisans if available. Be careful with scented candles, because the smell can sometimes be overpowering.
  • Coffee table: In Denmark, it is very common to have friends over for tea and cakes. A low coffee table will be very useful for that, and it can become the place for board games or to stock up magazines.
  • Lamps: Turn off the main light sources and use tall floor lamps or fairy light strings instead. Instant coziness.
  • Blankets: Create your hyggelig nest with faux fur throws and fleece, wool, shearling or cashmere blankets. Don't keep them in wardrobe; have them at hand, layered over the sofa or in a basket nearby.
  • Soft surfaces: You can never have enough cushions, cozy socks and rugs.
  • Well-stocked bookcase: Hygge will make you want to snuggle up under a blanket and read; have some picture books too for when kids visit!
  • Fresh flowers: Hygge is not only for winter, and fresh flowers make a room's decoration instantly better. You don't have to splurge - what about a bunch of daisies in a glass?

Decoration and ornaments are especially important for Christmas or other special events. Read this article to discover how to create hygge for Christmas with our decoration tips for the holidays.

How to Create Hygge and How Can It Help You - Step 2

How to create hygge in the kitchen:

Hygge-creating activities usually involve long conversations with loved ones over food. In Sweden there is a tradition called fika, a coffee break over pastries or a sandwich. You can mix the two and have your friends over for mulled wine or hot cocoa, or even a hot toddy in the winter.

Any comfort food can be hyggelig, but the term usually refers to traditional slow-cooked food, like bowl food - soup, porridge - or stews. However, there's no need to work that hard to have a hyggelig meal. What about some fun sandwiches or a cheese spread by candlelight?

How to Create Hygge and How Can It Help You - Step 3

How to have a hyggelig time:

Having some time for yourself, switching off social media and reading in your favorite nook - or your preferred self-care activity - is part of hygge, but it mostly refers to spending quality time with others without any particular purpose or rush.

You can create hygge in your home with activities such as:

  • Conversations over long, home-cooked dinners.
  • Baking or cooking together.
  • Hosting a movie night at home.
  • Going cycling, not for sport but for the sake of an enjoyable trip.
  • Spending time with children, playing with their toys or building a pillow fort.
  • Playing board games.
  • Hosting a barbecue or potluck dinner.
  • Putting up the Christmas ornaments as a social event.

How is creating hygge good for you?

A clean, cozy home in which hygge can happen is the perfect place to disconnect from the stress of work or any other pressure in your life. An uncluttered home will save you time and let you breathe better, while being surrounded by soft surfaces and your favorite objects will help you feel safer and more ready to face the outside world.

The time you spend with others in a hyggelig environment will help you build better, deeper relationships. Always have something to offer guests, make sure everyone contributes to the conversation equally and don't be in a rush to clean up a meal; let your guests help.

This will make hosting your loved ones a stress-free activity; you don't have to impress anyone with anything fancy, just welcome them with warmth. You'll be taking care of others and of yourself.

How to Create Hygge and How Can It Help You - Step 5

These have been our tips on how to create hygge and how can it help you be happier. Do you have any other ideas or advice? Please tell us in the comments section!

How to Create Hygge and How Can It Help You - Step 6

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How to Create Hygge and How Can It Help You