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How To Make My House Feel More Homey

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 31, 2019
How To Make My House Feel More Homey

White, black and grey colors are used if you want to decorate your home in a minimalist and modern way. However, this color range can give a cold look to your rooms. If you think your home conveys cold and you want more harmony, try these tips from oneHOWTO on how to make your house feel more homey.

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Steps to follow:


Lighting is essential to make your house feel homey. Make sure that your rooms have a good source of natural light. Avoid hanging opaque or dark curtains in your windows, because if you do, light will not harmonize your home. Choose curtains according to your style and preferences. Your personal touch is very important in interior decorating.

How To Make My House Feel More Homey - Step 1

If your home does not have large windows and you do not have natural light, do not worry, you can use artificial light to create a warm atmosphere. Get some nice general lighting and then highlight items or decorative objects with smaller lights. This will light up your spaces beautifully!

How To Make My House Feel More Homey - Step 2

The colour range is an indispensable aspect to the warmth of a home. The walls and furniture or other decorative elements, must be in a warm palette. Reds, yellows, oranges and earthy colours increase the feeling of warmth and make your nooks even cosier. If you prefer, you can also choose soft blues or greens.

You can learn more on paint colors in our article on how to choose paint colours for your house.

How To Make My House Feel More Homey - Step 3

Go for flowers and natural motifs when decorating the interior of your home. In addition to warmth, these will add freshness and pleasant smells.

How To Make My House Feel More Homey - Step 4

Remember that all motifs should be in tune and consistent. Avoid tackiness. Always choose modern or vintage furniture. Remember that your tastes reflect your style. Create decorations with recycled material for a more personal touch.

How To Make My House Feel More Homey - Step 5

Everything in your home conveys a certain feeling. If you have room, you can incorporate a fireplace, whether classic, modern or purely decorative. The fireplace will significantly increase the warmth and homey feeling of the space.

If you don't have enough space or budget for a fireplace, add candles in key points of your house. You can even make your own candles if you like!

How To Make My House Feel More Homey - Step 6

Spread out the furniture and decorative elements. It is essential that your home does not transmit an overwhelmed feeling, quite the contrary. It should be a comfortable and homey space where anyone can feel at ease and relaxed.

This is why adding cozy elements to your house will increase its homey effect. Use rugs and cushions on sofas and floor to create a real sense of being at home.

How To Make My House Feel More Homey - Step 7

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  • To illuminate your home, it is recommended that you use lights of 20 watts per square meter. This way the light is distributed and gives your home a warm, harmonious and pleasant feel.
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How To Make My House Feel More Homey