How to Choose Paint Colors for Your House

By Mary Smith. Updated: May 1, 2019
How to Choose Paint Colors for Your House

One of the most important matters when redecorating our house is choosing paint colors. Clearly, painting our house generates a feeling of complete renovation, but we must understand which tones match our home style and decoration as well as ours tastes. Here at OneHowTo we would like to share some tips so you can know how to choose paint colors for your house and make it look great.

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Steps to follow:

Before choosing the color in which to paint your house, take into account the following points: The finishing result should be homogeneous in all spaces and combine perfectly with the furniture and the decorative style of your home. Furthermore, considering the dimensions of the different spaces to be painted is also key in the process of color selection.

A very small room should not be painted in dark colors or it will be further reduced, in the same way that a large room can have such shades thanks to its bigger size.


When renovating and painting your home you should pay attention to some aspects of color psychology, especially when choosing the bedroom color. These concepts give us clear guidance regarding the tones that we can choose, a guide that will also help us greatly by limiting our search.


Yellow, orange and ochre tones are quite popular when choosing home paint colors for two reasons:

  • There is a wide range available (from pastels, bright, mates, etc.), that can provide very mixed results.
  • These are tones that brighten and enlarge spaces so they are often used in small rooms or rooms with little natural light.
How to Choose Paint Colors for Your House - Step 3

White is another best-seller in paint colors for the home. It generates light and space and is ideal for those who focus their decorating on home furnishings and decorative items for the walls such as pictures, paintings, shelves, racks, vinyl stickers, etc.


Blues and greens are preferred for areas such as bedrooms due to their relaxing properties and wide range of tones. Perfect for children's' rooms or rooms for the elderly. Pinks are not only ideal for little girls: it is a color that helps to relax so is useful in rooms where we may want to rest.

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Meanwhile red can come in handy in spaces where we want to capture some energy, such as the entrance areas or doorways. It is not recommended for bedrooms or living rooms because it can be too stimulating. Similarly black and grey are more suited to commercial spaces and offices than home.


Apart from choosing colors to paint your house, it's important to know what mistakes you should avoid to get an optimal and bright result. For example, it's important to protect your furniture well before painting, to avoid spoiling it, as well as cleaning your walls well so the color you use can be seen properly.

This is how to choose paint colors for your house

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How to Choose Paint Colors for Your House
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How to Choose Paint Colors for Your House

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