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How to Make Starch at Home for Clothes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 24, 2017
How to Make Starch at Home for Clothes

Using starch breathes life back into your clothes, making them easier to iron and eliminating tough stains like sweat. By adding starch to your fabrics, the stain will stick to this product instead and it will be much easier to wash.

Starch is a product that can be somewhat expensive, so here at oneHOWTO we will show you how to save money with these simple home tricks. Learn how to make starch at home for clothes out of items you already have at home.

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Steps to follow:


The first step to make starch at home for clothes is to get everything ready. Choose a pot or a container suitable for the stove and add in approximately 4 cups of water. Then, leave the pot on high heat until the water begins to boil.

How to Make Starch at Home for Clothes - Step 1

While the water is heating up, add a half cup of cornflour or corn seeds and a cup of cold water in another container. Stir the mixture frequently until you see that the corn has dissolved as much as possible.

How to Make Starch at Home for Clothes - Step 2

Next, remove the pot from the heat and drain the liquid carefully into the cornflour container.


Stir the starch mixture constantly. By adding the hot water, you will see the rest of the cornflour dissolve quickly. Once it has been dissolved entirely, leave the mixture to cool at room temperature.


After a few hours, use a sieve to remove the starch and put the liquid - now free of any corn residue - into a spray bottle. Once the liquid is inside the spray bottle, shake well before use. Your homemade starch is ready to apply to your clothes.


And it's ready to use! You have just made your own homemade starch. Happy ironing!

This is how to make starch at home for clothes. Do you have any tips? Share them in the comments section!

How to Make Starch at Home for Clothes - Step 6

Did you know you can also make starch from cassava? The process is a bit more complicated, as it will need to undergo several steps, but it's still a very useful method to make homemade starch.

  • Peel the cassava and wash it in warm water.
  • Grate the cassava in a bowl and mix it with a big amount of water.
  • Blend until completely smooth.
  • Cover a bowl tightly with a cloth - chiffon is a great choice.
  • Sift the mixture through the cloth. You can help the sifting process by using your hand to make sure all the liquid is totally wrung.

Set the liquid starch mixture aside for 3 hours in the same bowl so the starch can settle. Get rid of the water and the remaining product will be the tapioca starch. Voilà!

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How to Make Starch at Home for Clothes