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How to Starch Your Shirts

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Starch Your Shirts

Add a new look to your garments, remove crumply wrinkles and leave your clothes spotless before use. These may seem like somewhat cumbersome and difficult tasks. If you are too lazy to do it, now we give you some tips to keep your shirt's shape for longer, and they'll be wonderfully resistant. On OneHowTo we explain how to starch your shirts. Using starchs on your shirts is the way to secure creases and give your shirt the perfect touch. Starch is a crucial carbohydrate in our diet, but besides being helpful for our body, it can be used for other purposes.

Prepare your clothes to keep them in perfect condition and they'll last so much longer. Let's do it, darlings!

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Steps to follow:


Before starting the process, you must prepare your shirt if you want to get better results. To do this, you should wash and dry your shirt properly before adding the starch. Washing will help eliminate dust and debris that may interfere with the starching process. Thus, the fibres of your clothing are better protected.

How to Starch Your Shirts - Step 1

Prepare the starch. To do this, acquire some starch powder in any store or supermarket. When you have it, mix one part with water, following the instructions on the product's packaging. Mix well some water and starch, and then carefully put it in a spray bottle.


Then set the shirt on an ironing board so that the back of the shirt lies flat on the surface of the table. Then, begin spraying starch on the back of the shirt and let the mixture sit for a few seconds. Once the garment has absorbed the product, iron it at the proper temperature for the material of the shirt and press gently down on the shirt.

How to Starch Your Shirts - Step 3

Once you're done with the back of the shirt, turn it around , so that the front is exposed on the board. Then repeat the previous step with the starch being sprayed on the garment and then gently iron the shirt with care.


Repeat the two previous steps for each of the sleeves and the neck.


When you have completed the starching process, hang up the shirt on a hanger quickly. Remember to keep it out of the closet and if possible, in a cool space so that it dries better. After a few minutes you can set the garment in the closet for storage

How to Starch Your Shirts - Step 6

With starch, the fibres in the fabric will improve and will stay better for longer. Change the appearance of your shirts by creating new textures and give your clothes new looks.

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How to Starch Your Shirts