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Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 16, 2023
Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors

Choosing the ideal paint tones for each room in the house is important. Colors help create different environments and influence our mood. Opting for soft tones, which promote rest and calm, is especially important in bedrooms. However, personal taste and preference is also important. You have to choose colors for all tastes that adapt perfectly to different decorative styles. This is why we need some different options to choose from if we want to right color for our own relaxing bedroom.

At oneHOWTO, we provide you this range with our guide to the 8 most relaxing bedroom colors. We see which are best for your personal preference, but also see options if you want to encourage calm in other rooms of the house such as the den or a child's bedroom.

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  1. Blue
  2. White
  3. Green
  4. Gray
  5. roses
  6. Beige
  7. Mallow
  8. Mellow Yellow


Among the most relaxing colors for adults or children's bedrooms, the range of blue ranks first. In almost all its shades, blue evokes sensations of the sea, an open and clear sky, and generally calm environments. This is why it is a very common color in a bedroom.

With a light blue, it can be perfect as the predominant color in the room for your little ones. In a more intense blue, such as dark night blue or petroleum blue, combining it with other softer tones, such as beige or ivory white, will create a space as elegant as it is cozy and relaxing.

Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors - Blue


White is a neutral color that brings light to any room. It is especially advisable in small or interior bedrooms. It helps to disconnect and create a calm environment. This is why it is used in hospitals and other places which need to engender a calm environment. So that it is not too ‘cold’ or sterile like a hospital can be, it is advisable to combine it with warm tones.

White is one of the relaxing colors for double bedrooms. A good idea is to paint the ceiling and the upper half of the wall in white and the lower half in blue or green, with a nice dividing border between both halves.

Another option is to choose white as the only color but, in these cases, it is better to opt for an ivory or bone white. Then you can place headboards in more vivid tones.

Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors - White


Greens also stand out among the most relaxing colors for bedrooms. They always bring freshness and the feeling of peace that nature itself transmits. Softer greens, such as apple green or the super fashionable mint green, perfectly combine a fresh and cheerful touch with the ability to promote relaxation.

Darker greens can also bring a better sense of calm to your bedroom, especially if they are used with white and earth tones. Not only do they look great, but they favor a restful environment. Another great example if using green to promote a calm bedroom is to use a white wallpaper with green motifs. Shades of green and aquamarine promote a relaxing and beautiful combination between blues and greens, perfect for bedrooms.

Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors - Green


If you think that grays are sad and cold tones, then you may need a different perspective. They are an excellent option to consider among if you want relaxing colors for adult bedrooms. Light grey or a muted silver can be combined with almost any other color and adapt perfectly to any decorative style. They help make the bedroom feel more spacious and are as comfortable as they are relaxing.

Darker grey placed strategically and not overused, can achieve similar effects. They are especially elegant in modern-style bedrooms. You can pair gray with other colors on our list of relaxing bedroom colors. For example, a nice jade green could pair well with a lighter gray tone.

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Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors - Gray


Pink is a classic as a tone to create soft and relaxing environments in bedrooms. The powdery pink effect is the most advisable, especially combining it with white or gray. This range of soft tones transmits sweetness and tranquility. Pinks are especially used as calming colors for children's bedrooms.

They look especially good in bedrooms where a rustic or natural style predominates. They can also look good with wooden furniture and natural textiles such as wicker. However, shocking pinks, neon pinks and similar stark colors can have the opposite effect, so make sure to go easy if you want a relaxing bedroom in pink.

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Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors - roses


What is the most relaxing color for a room? All of the soft earth tones such as sand, camel or beige can be the right choice for you. The shades of this range are a safe bet among the most relaxing colors for adult or children's bedrooms.

Their elegance and discretion make them always look good when used in a classic style. It will be a good base if you want to use wooden furniture and decorative elements with a rustic feel. To make the room more cheerful and welcoming, the ideal is to combine at least two tonalities of brown, for example, use an intense beige with a camel tone.

Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors - Beige


If you want to give your room a relaxing feel, but also want a different touch, mauve tones are a great alternative to neutral colors. A deep purple will be harsh and chaotic, but a soft mauve can bring a lightness and peace. It can be quite a meditative range of colors.

When used in wall paint and decorative wallpaper, soft lilacs bring warmth and add a touch of sophistication to a bedroom. It allows you to enjoy a cozy and elegant space. Alone or paired with whites, vanilla or cream tones, soft purples will favor proper rest.

Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors - Mallow

Mellow Yellow

Although yellow may not be your first thought when it comes to painting a bedroom, it more than earns its place on the list of the most relaxing colors. This is as long as they are soft tones, reminiscent of the light and reflective warmth of the sun. This way you can create a space that transmits the necessary tranquility we need to begin and end our days in quietude.

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Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors - Mellow Yellow

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Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors