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How to Decorate a Room with Dark Furniture

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Decorate a Room with Dark Furniture

Dark furniture always provides an elegant and modern touch to your home, but it is always necessary to choose decoration that is appropriate and pay close attention to the colour scheme of your home when buying dark furniture. When decorating a room with this type of furniture, you should pay attention to all the decorative elements and try to make everything fit perfectly. Choosing dark furniture for your house is quite daring, but if combined well, dark furniture can give your house a very classy touch.

Follow the advise we give you in this OneHowTo article and learn how to decorate a room with dark furniture.

Steps to follow:


First, note that dark-coloured furniture can be used in a myriad of types of decoration - not just minimalist style, but also with more traditional styles. Whilst decorating bright and spacious rooms with dark furniture may be ideal, it can have a claustrophobic effect in smaller spaces. For this reason, dark furniture is only recommended if you're planning on using it in a big room.


A key factor when decorating with dark furniture is to pair it with light colours, both on the walls and other decorative elements. This way, you get really amazing contrasts and combinations of unique decor.

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Therefore, the best thing is to paint the walls and choose floors in neutral colours: beige, off-white, cream, ivory, etc. Otherwise, the room may look dark and stuffy.


Natural light is also very important in every room with dark furniture, as it will bring spaciousness and light into the home. Likewise, it is important to choose artificial lighting to help soften the dark tones of your living room.


Choose furniture and open shelves to provide space, rather than opt for dark-coloured furniture with doors that can look a bit gloomy. In your furniture store, you can choose between shelves and other dark furniture to place in your living room.

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Mirrors are also great for rooms with dark furniture as they will give the illusion of more space and brighten up the place. As previously said, dark furniture will look better in big rooms, since dark colors sometimes can have an effect of making the room smaller. Mirrors will do the contrary effect and will make the rooom seem bigger than it actually is. They can also add another creative, decorative element to the space.

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  • The most important thing when decorating rooms with dark furniture is to paint the walls in a light color. This will create a contrast and will make your furniture and walls stand out.
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All my furniture is traditional style dark wood. I would like to change my dinning room table and maybe chairs to something that would blend into the room without changing all the room. any suggestions?
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How to Decorate a Room with Dark Furniture