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How To Decorate A living room with grey furniture

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Decorate A living room with grey furniture

The color grey offers up elegance and modernity to many spaces. Thanks to its quality of being a neutral tone, it can be combined with infinite colors and it is always included in the latest trends in interior decoration. In this OneHowTo article we reveal how to decorate a living room with grey furniture.

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Steps to follow:


Define your style. There are many decorative trends, make sure you know which one you like best. Minimalism envisions a clean room, stripped of excess but presenting key features. The classic style with a modern twist aims to combine minimalism with other luxurious and romantic pieces to create a modern and bright finish. There is also the retro style, mixing pieces from the past century with the elements of modernity, while the vintage trend aims to salvage numerous objects from the past and then adapt them to today's tastes and fancies. If you can't make up your mind, you can always adopt an eclectic style.


Once you have defined your style, with great care, you must choose the color palette that you will use to decorate the living room with grey furniture. With this neutral colour, the creative possibilities are simply endless. On we recommend the celestial palette (brown, light blue, aqua) which can also be combined with orange, brown and white for contrast. Play with various shades of grey and accompany them with browns and whites for a very elegant setting. A colour wheel is extremely powerful and it can be used to combine five or sex grey colours for a delightfully cheerful finish: fuchsia, purple, aqua and blue. Simply breath-taking!

How To Decorate A living room with grey furniture - Step 2

When we decorate with grey, we must pay careful attention to the accessories. Avoid table finishes and picture frames that are golden. Always opt for materials such as stainless steel, metal, silver, glass or wood. Therefore, your vases, ornaments, picture frames and even lamps should not break this sacred pattern. Otherwise, they will disturb the harmony of the space and the colors.

How To Decorate A living room with grey furniture - Step 3

Grey furniture gives the feeling of reduced space. Avoid this problem by painting the walls preferably in a shade of white or a light color, to extend the visual horizon resulting in a seemingly larger room. It is also advisable to choose window frames of the same color as the walls to avoid causing contrast which would reduce the space visually.

How To Decorate A living room with grey furniture - Step 4

If you go to decorate the room with cushions, it's best to opt for solid colors or small prints to prevent a stark difference in the textures ruining the look. To decorate a room with grey furniture, with cushions it's advisable to use contrasting colors with the furniture. This is an easy way to give life to the space. Also, remember that the advantage of the cushions is that when you get tired or sick to death of them, cover them in another color and make everything look new.

How To Decorate A living room with grey furniture - Step 5

When you choose a table, it is preferable that you go for wood or metal as materials for the table. Both materials are ideal for decorating a living room with grey furniture and for adding color to any décor. You can still use them if you ever decide to re-decorate the living room. If you are less classical, then take a chance to add lively colors to the table space. Try a bright color such as yellow or fuchsia, to add a very contemporary edge.

How To Decorate A living room with grey furniture - Step 6

Flooring can play a key role when decorating a room with grey furniture. Avoid patterned ceramic details and choose polished concrete or wood. Marble and similar floor coverings are not a good idea, because they transmit a cold energy and they are a very dull grey color.

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How To Decorate A living room with grey furniture