How to decorate a small dining room

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to decorate a small dining room

When a house has a smaller dining room than normal, the decor of this room gets a bit complicated if we have little idea of what we are doing and do not know where to start. We need to consciously think about the shape and size of both the furniture and all the decorative elements to use the space and make our small dining room just as chic and welcoming as a large living room. In this article, we want to help with some simple tricks that will serve to decorate a small dinning room.

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Steps to follow:

There are two key factors that allow us to enlarge a space in our houses, the first one: use light and pastels colours to paint the walls. Colours like white, ivory, pale yellow or salmon are perfect for bringing more light to the room. The touch of colour comes with decorative objects such as small rugs, flowers or pictures. In our article on eclectic décor, we explain how to decorate a small living room with an eclectic style.


The second key element in making the room look bigger is definitely to use mirrors. These are objects which offer greater spatial spread and multiply the natural light coming through the windows and doors. Place one or two on the wall, find modern designs, classic, simple, can choose whichever one you like.


For furniture, it is best to choose low-sitting furniture. round glass or acrylic tables are more flattering for small spaces than typical rectangular tables of solid wood. Think of how a dark wood rectangular table will be very burdensome and absorb a lot of light. Accompany the glass table with thin chairs without imposing arms to save space.

How to decorate a small dining room - Step 3

The remaining space can be used to place other decorative elements such as floor lamps, dressers, tables or shelves with decorative objects. They key when you don't have much space is to take advantage of multi-functional furniture in order to reduce space, and use shelves to store things on the wall, so the dining room's floor isn't full.

If you want to give the room a distinct touch that also gives light to the room, choose a patterned blind so it can let through the light but still offer intimacy as well as style.

How to decorate a small dining room - Step 4

Tidiness is critical in tight spaces. Have all things in place and find the best way to make it not look smaller than it is now. If you want to have a cabinet to store and display your most prized dishes or other objects, incorporating a small showcase in the corner of the room and try to fit it perfectly with the style of decoration of the room.


In small dining rooms, it is important to have good lighting. We recommend combining natural light with artificial lighting and choose simple blinds that are not too heavy and thick. Remember that the more light which enters the room, the more spacious it will feel.

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How to decorate a small dining room
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How to decorate a small dining room

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