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How to Decorate with Folding Screens

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Decorate with Folding Screens

Decorating your home with folding screens is a great way to find practical solutions to your accommodation needs while also providing a chance to beautify often plain or dull living spaces. Originating in China, folding screens were sometimes painted with ornate scenes from royal courts or depicting stories personal to a family history. These days, the options for what you can use to either makes or decorate a screen are almost limitless.

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Many people who experience cohabitation, especially in metropolitan cities, will know the feeling of lacking personal space. Decorating with screens provides a way to close off areas in shared spaces to give you moments of privacy. You might have a section which is separate from the main room, like the one in the room pictured below. A screen is a great way to give the illusion of more space and is particularly good for couples who have different schedules as one can sleep while the other moves around the rest of the space.

You can also leave it partly open to increase light or have a quiet space to read in solitude.

How to Decorate with Folding Screens - Step 1

Screens are also perfect for giving your rooms a cozy and personal touch. You can even use the screen as a headboard to give your bedroom a more rustic look. It is often cheaper and more practical than attaching a headboard and can be moved around for other purposes as well.

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Wooden screens work best in this instance, but you can adapt it to whatever suits your room's ambience. If it is decorated, it will help the bed stand out in the middle of the room, but if not, you could even attach a picture or pattern to it to make it more prominent. Draping over some material like a shawl is an easy solution and should make it look great.

How to Decorate with Folding Screens - Step 2

Depending on the type of screen you have, you can use it to decorate a wall as an alternative to wallpaper. Many people use different colored or differently designed walls to make the room stand out. This is often called an accent wall and a good folding screen can provide the same effect. Finding one which stands out, but fits in with the room's color scheme can be very attractive and give the room a more elegant feel.

This is the case in the attached picture, its terracotta coloring and oriental depictions making a great addition to the rest of the room. Although screens can be practical, having no other function other than pure aesthetics is reason enough to include them in your decorating.

How to Decorate with Folding Screens - Step 3

However, the most common use given to screens traditionally is for dressing and undressing. It doesn't even have to be a protection of your modesty, although it will provide this use if you wish to have it. It also lets you close off a space where you can have your clothes at hand, or even be messy and not let it make the rest of the room look cluttered.

How to Decorate with Folding Screens - Step 4

Another good way to decorate with screens is to use them like a wall on which to hang paintings, photos or memories. This option is perfect for special events like weddings or anniversaries because the screen can provide a custom zone to share unforgettable moments. As it is so mobile, you can bring this with you to the wedding or event, let people add to it and take it home to use later as a special memory.

How to Decorate with Folding Screens - Step 5

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How to Decorate with Folding Screens