How to Arrange Furniture in a Large Living Room

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Arrange Furniture in a Large Living Room

Normally we are used to living in homes which are smaller than we would like, where we have to use all our imagination to create beautiful decorations. So when we move to a bigger house, sometimes we do not know what to do with all the space. In OneHowTo we want to help you, and in this article on how to arrange furniture in a large living room we share some ideas for you to make use of all the space and enjoy your home.

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Clear ideas

The most important thing when you want to arrange furniture in a large living room is to know exactly what you are looking for and what you want to achieve. For example, the sitting room is often shared with the dinning room and even a reception area. Therefore, before buying anything and finding you have accumulated things that will only get in the way it is best to decide what you want and to put this on paper. In our case we suggest:

  • Living area with sofas and TV area
  • Dining area for the whole family and celebrations

Being a big room there are no problems in there being enough space to create both areas, so these can be easily done.

Once this is done, draw the outline of the room on the paper trying to keep the scale. Do it in pencil so to tick off the furniture and to be able to change the different combinations.

If your living room is square

If your room is square you have it easy. It is best to leave a small open area around the door as a distributor and then reserve one half, focused around one of the corners, to act as a dining area and the rest of the space to act as a living room. Place the sofas as dividers, having their backs to the table. You can even place a small shelf on the back to create a bigger cut that will give the feeling of being in two different rooms. The effect is like the photo with the Wally by Cattelan Italia shelving. The television is best placed in the side opposite the dining area.

How to Arrange Furniture in a Large Living Room - If your living room is square

If your living room is rectangular

The best possible distribution, here you have it easy. Divide the room into two halves, if you can, and put the dining area on the side of the room that does not have any doors to any other rooms, you will be much more comfortable. You can now make a more complete and differentiated room, you can put a carpet on the area to mark it further. Purchase an extendible table for your celebrations and extra chairs for your guests. These chairs can be stored in the attic or leave them on the side, placed one next to the other as extra places, stylistically there is nothing wrong with this and it is very handy. Now you can also include dressers, mirrors and more marked decoration. The idea is to create a room within a room.

As for the living room, place sofas so they do not have their back turned to the entrance. This gives a greater sense of welcome and amplitude. It is best to place two sofas that form an 'L shape' and complete with some chairs or ottoman foot rests (they are very fashionable!). Also purchase a coffee table around which this is all distributed and a TV cabinet to help you keep everything tidy.

How to Arrange Furniture in a Large Living Room - If your living room is rectangular

If your living room is irregular in shape

This increases complications. At OneHowTo we recommend you place your dining room in the area with the most natural light, especially if you have large windows. If you do it the other way around, keep in mind you have to have blinds to avoid light reflection on the television screen, and this can be quite annoying. The goal is to create two distinct spaces: a dining room set out around an extensible table (measured the sizes accurately so that there is enough space even when open to maximum capacity); and a lounge with two sofas and a center that faces the television but where we an also find other leisure activities such as reading magazines or music.

Any other tips you want to share?

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How to Arrange Furniture in a Large Living Room
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How to Arrange Furniture in a Large Living Room

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